English Voted New Language of Love


Recently Paris was overtaken by Venice as the most romantic destination in the world. Now a new survey reveals that French is no longer the language of love – British is the world’s most attractive accent, followed by American, Irish and Australian.

Are you speaking the language of love? With Valentine’s Day only a day ahead, romance fills the air and whispered words of love and affection are occasionally overheard. So, what is the sexiest language of all? French came in fifth position as most attractive language in the world in the latest Time Out’s Global Dating Survey of 11,000 people in 24 cities with only 7.7% voting for it. Surprisingly, British was chosen as the sexiest accent on Earth, winning the vote by 26.7% of the respondents. But the survey reveals that actually the English language triumphs over others – besides British accents, people are also attracted by American, Irish and Australian.

Magnolia Bakery 'Love Note' Box AED95 @ Bloomingdale's HomeWell, the accent alone won’t do much if you are looking for a date or trying to impress your loved one. Indeed, a trip to Paris, a gondola ride in Venice, or a weekend at an exotic, tranquil island will bring you more points. According to the poll, France is still considered the most romantic place on Earth – sort of. Paris was ranked as the city with the “best dating scene”, followed by Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing and Chicago, while London falls to the 6th place. The researchers asked respondents to describe their local “dating scene” and one of the most striking descriptions was of Bogota, Columbia. One of the people said that in Bogota “the guys are ugly and girls very beautiful”. And apparently women in Kabul, Afghanistan are happy with their dating scene – one of the best things about Kabul was that there were “more men than women due to an overabundance of military and security personnel”.

However, being single in Sydney is the best, with 31% of the people in the city describing themselves as “proudly single”. New Yorkers are apparently concerned and insecure, with nearly half of them admitting the single status makes them “sad”. Overall, 58% of the people said they checked their date on social media before meeting them, while more than half kissed on the first date.


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