Mark Your Calendars – Apple Watch Release Date Announced


Aple Watch

The highly anticipated launch date of Apple Watch is no longer a mystery. Tim Cook yesterday announced when the company plans to release its first wearable device. The only issue is that the gadget will not be available for purchase in “early 2015,” as expected.

When Apple unveiled its Apple Watch back in September, it stated that it will be released on the market in early 2015. However, during the company’s recent quarterly conference, Tim Cook gave a new date. The CEO announced that the Apple Watch is set to be launched in April 2015.

What lies behind this minor inconsistency? Did Apple experience problems when developing the Apple Watch? Not really, because it simply turns out that the company has its own calendar system. Apple divides the calendar year into three separate periods of four months each. According to Cook, that system has to do with the company’s product launch cycles. Therefore, the Apple Watch will be released in “early 2015” after all.

Tim Cook also shared that the development of the gadget was going good and it should arrive on schedule. In addition, he said that a large team of professionals is working on the device at the moment and more particularly focusing on the software. He also hinted that the Apple Watch may feature some extra functions that were not announced during the device’s introduction last fall. Cook implied that consumers can expect “incredible innovation” from the gadget.

However, Apple’s CEO did not share additional information on the price of the Apple Watch. The only thing that is known about it for now is that the base models will start at $349. It is expected that the smartwatch’s highest price could reach levels unheard. That is because Apple will offer an ultra-premium model of the gadget.

Apart from Apple Watch’s pricing, consumers are interested in learning more about its battery performance. New rumours suggest that the battery life of Apple’s wearable will be barely 2.5 hours of active use and 19 hours of mixed use. However, given that many Apple Watch rumours turned out to be false, further unofficial information on the device should be taken with a pinch of salt.


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