New Mac Mini Quietly Released Online


Back in October 2014, an updated version of Mac Mini was launched. Even though the device came with a number of improvements, including better graphics, new operating system and a lower base price, many consumers were not happy with the available storage options of the device. Apple seems to have quietly fixed its mistake. The technology giant has added a 2TB option of the last-generation Mac mini.

When consumers configure their Mac Mini at the Apple Store, they can now add two times more memory to it. After discontinuing the 2TB Mac Mini, Apple has brought it back to life. It is hard to say when the new device option was added to the online catalogue, since the company has not announced or advertised it anywhere. However, the 2TB Mac Mini may have made its debut around Christmas.

UAE Availability

The 2TB Mac Mini was first spotted on the U.S. Apple Store website, but here you may find better price. However, it seems that it is by now released internationally. The computer is also available at the official UAE Apple Store. Still, the 2TB option is not listed at Mac mini’s “Buy” page. It pops out only when consumers select to purchase the 2.8GHz Mac mini with 1TB Fusion Drive. Once they do that, they are taken to a new page where they can configure the device by choosing the specifications for their Mac Mini, like type of processor and display.  Shoppers can also configure the storage capacity of the Mac. This is where the 2TB Mac mini finally shows up.

Therefore, the new 2TB Mac mini is available for purchase from the online store although consumers need to make some digging in the site before they actually find it.


Of course, more memory always means more money. The 2TB memory capacity will cost you AED 400 more. Nevertheless, it will offer two times more storage space than before. This sets the starting price of the device at AED 4,399. Depending on how you chooses to configure the other specifications and features of the Mac mini, it price tag can reach up to AED 17,278 if you select only premium options and add additional features and accessories for the computer.

There is no information whether Apple has decided to increase the memory capacity of the new-generation Mac mini only during the holiday. However, given the huge demand for 2TB version of the Mac and the fact that it is now mid-January, it can be said that this edition of device will be available for some time.


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