Amazon Echo Woos Apple Consumers, Despite Limited Availability


With its latest innovation, Amazon Echo, the largest online retailer is is also targeting Apple users. The smart speaker is conveniently compatible with iPhones and iPads. On the other hand, not many people can purchase this innovative virtual assistant.

An Amazon Echo iOS app officially debuted on Apple’s App Store. The application can be downloaded for free by both iPad and iPhone owners from the online platform.
The new app enables consumers to use their iPhone or iPad as a remote control for Echo. Through it, they can interact with the device and manage different settings like music, alarms, shopping lists and others. In addition, it has a music player functions, allowing users to take control over the tracks Amazon Echo plays.

The early reviews for the iOS Amazon Echo application are quite positive. According to most consumers’ observations, the app works as well as those for Google’s and Amazon’s mobile platforms.

When Amazon Echo initially debuted along with apps for Fire OS devices, like the Fire Phone and Fire tablets, as well as for Android gadgets. That made many Apple fans bitter over that.
Nevertheless, Amazon Echo continues to face one strange fact. Although now, after the release of the iPhone and iPad application, the gadget is available on all mobile platforms, it is largely unavailable for consumers. Amazon still offers the device in limited quantities. It has priced it at $199, but Amazon Prime members can order it for just $99. Yet, that will be possible only if they have sent a request to purchase it and have received an invitation from Amazon allowing them to actually order the device.

So, how long will that continue? Possibly, for a few more months. Hopefully, the retailer will soon decide to launch its smart speaker internationally and make it as easy to get as all the apps for it.


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