Make the Holidays Unique with 3D Printed Décor, Gifts



For many of us 3D printing still sounds unfamiliar, as if it’s a luxury saved only for millionaires and scientists. But in fact, it has entered our everyday life and if you want to make the holidays this year really unique, try simple and modern seasonal home décor or give a truly one-of-a-kind gift from Amazon’s 3D Printing Store.

There is a common misunderstanding of how exactly 3D printing works and most people believe you need to be a professional to get what you want. This is one of the most exciting technologies of the 21st century – lasers sinter loose powder layer by layer, creating even the most complex design. Today, almost everything can be 3D printed, from little accessories, to working gun, and even food. And it’s not as exclusive and expensive as most people believe. In fact, many stores, including the largest online retailer offer customizable 3D printed items, which would make the perfect gift for those who are really hard to shop for. And the holidays are the perfect time for giving something really special, really unique and even extravagant.

Amazon’s 3D Printing Store features simple, but very stylish and trendy seasonal home décor – snowflake figures, table decorations, Christmas tree ornaments, and so on. You can also buy whimsical dishes, mistletoe-shaped bottle openers or napkin holders, espresso cups with holes that don’t leak, and so on. All these are available in multiple colours, even quite unorthodox ones such as purple or black snowflakes to make people curious.

Amazon also offers customizable 3D items, so you can easily turn your friends or family members into bobble heads and surprise them with these unique and fun little gifts. There are also customizable pieces of jewelry, where you can create your own design, pick a colour and so on. This is the great magic of 3D printed gifts – you will become a creator yourself and everyone will ask you “How did you do it? How did you find out?” The options are endless, so you can just use your imagination and give the perfect gift this Christmas.


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