Will Furby Continue to be Hottest Toy for Christmas 2014?



The holiday shopping season is by now in a full swing and toys deals are claimed 100% in minutes from their roll out. And while it’s pretty hot outside, retailers are also preparing for Christmas by stocking with hottest toys and games, including last year’s total hit, Furby. But will Furby Boom continue to be the most wanted toy for Christmas 2014, as well?

Every year, parents line up at stores to get their hands on the best toys out there. Everyone is looking for Barbie dolls, Lego toys, Furbies, assorted coloured pencils, rubber bands, and so on. But when kids love something, they need to have it now, so whether it is for a Christmas gift or a birthday present, you need to figure out what’s hot in toys and games right now.

Retailers have already spotted the most wished for gifts for this season and while Furby is definitely among the top ten, it is replaced by kids’ current No.1 – “Frozen” merchandise. The magic of the Disney movie has apparently conquered the hearts of millions of children around the world. And with Christmas less than five months away, toy industry and retail insiders already know that the shopping season will be marked by the “Frozen” craze. In fact, everything “Frozen”-related is already big in every store and online retailer.

The animated musical, which was released last November, has generated more than $1.2 billion in ticket sales. Data from the Box Office Mojo shows that this is highest-grossing animated movie of all time. And according to NPD Group Inc., Elsa dolls, toys, clothing and other items that pay homage to “Frozen” sold better than any other licensed toys in the first three months of the year. Apparently, the sales are getting even hotter – Disney admits that “Frozen” merchandise sells out so fast that the manufacturers are struggling put products on the shelves to meet the demand. Needham & Co. analyst Sean McGowan says that this is one of the hottest items to appear in the toys retail category in more than a decade. As always, during the Christmas holidays, every popular toy or game gets red hot and this year, “Frozen” will be the dream gift for every little child, at least in the western part of the world.

Of course, most of the “Frozen”-related toys and products will be for the girls, as the movie tells the story of two Scandinavian princesses, named Elsa and Anna. Boys, however, are also fascinated by Olaf, the snowman in the film, which is the other popular character right now. So, there is no doubt – Disney’s “Frozen” toys and products will be the items parents will be fighting over this holiday season. Currently, they are among the best-selling items on Amazon, too. “Frozen Elsa’s Tiara” ($6.99), “Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll” ($14.99), and “Disney Frozen Complete Story Playset” ($24.99) are the hottest right now.

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