Book Discounted Airfares during Regional Airline’s Global Sales Week



If you are planning a trip in the coming weeks or months and search for discounted airfares, check the latest offer by Qatar Airways. The popular airline has launched a Global Sales Week promotion which offers travelers savings of up to 25% off flight tickets.

Whether you are located in Paris, Hong Kong, New York or Dubai, you can get advantage of the limited-time sales event at The award-winning Middle Eastern carrier offers discounted airfares to more than 130 destinations worldwide if you book your flight from 3rd to 10th November. The offer is valid for traveling from 6th November until 15th June, 2015, so you can plan ahead your New Year’s Eve holiday, or spring and summer holidays. As always with Qatar Airways, travelers can book return Economy or Business Class airfares, which are inclusive of all additional fees, taxes and airport charges, and avoid any extra payments.

In order to get advantage of the special offer, you should book your flight at least three days prior to departure either online, at Qatar Airways sales offices, or through travel agents. However, at the company’s or agencies’ offices, you may need to pay additional service fees so the online option is always better. There is also a minimum period required for your stay, depending on the seat you’ve reserved – 3 days for seats in the First, Business and Q Economy class, and 5 days for the O Economy Class seats. The maximum stay is at least a month. There are also certain black dates, you should check when booking – December 17-23; January 2-11, 2015; March 26 – April 2; and April 6-13, 2015.

During the Global Sales Week, you can book discounted airfares to any place around the world with up to 25% off. The only destinations excluded are Jeddah and Madinah in Saudi Arabia.

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