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iPhone 6 will hit the the consumer market sometime in the second half of 2014. It is not yet clear when exactly that will happen and Apple as usual offers “no comment”. However, there is something that seems to interest consumers a lot – the iPhone 6 pricing. Will it go up or will it stay the same? This is a million-dollar question, which we will attempt to answer right now!

Higher Price

The price of the new iPhone is likely to jump by $100. Such expectation is attributed to the fact that the device will have new and upgraded specifications, among which may be a bigger and better screen, for example. Such a price tag will push the next-generation of Apple’s smartphone closer to the tablet price range. We remind you that Apple already did something similar with the latest iPad mini. The company increased its price tag by $70 after it added a more powerful processor and the more innovative Retina display to it. The same happened with MacBook Pro in 2012, the technology giant first incorporated the Retina display to its laptops.

Another factor that may boost the price of the next iPhone is the possible chance in the device’s minimal storage option. Currently, iPhones are separated into three versions depending on their storage capacity – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. However, a number of sources suggest that Apple may say goodbye to the 16GB iPhone and finally introduce a 128GB version of the device. If that happens, the 64GB model will become a basic one and it will result in a higher starting price.

Last, but not least, we have to price in the inflation. Official interest rates may be still at the bottom, but consumer prices are rising. The U.S. dollar may soon benefit form a higher interest rates and inflation will become more sensible.

Good Old Pricing Strategy

Still, Apple has kept the iPhone price tag rather static over the past few years. If the company chooses to follow a similar strategy in 2014, consumers may again get the chance to purchase a new iPhone starting at a similar price as the older model.

Regardless of the price of the next iPhone, one thing is certain – iPhone 5S and 5C will become more affordable. In fact, some experts report that around the holiday season, some retailers offered the devices for a lower price. Although it is not usual for prices of new electronic products to decrease around the holiday season, this is the first time when such iPhone discounts are offered so early. The action  suggested that the rumors about an early iPhone 6 release may actually be true. Some latest reports point to an early 2014 or a May 2014 launch. However, we think that October release is more likely.

Rivals’ Pricing Details

The biggest competitor of the iPhone is Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship smartphone. Like Apple, the South Korean company is prepping to release a new generation of its products possibly called Galaxy S5. Traditionally, Samsung Galaxy S comes with lower price tags compared to Apple’s iPhone. The same is expected to happen with the 2014 editions of the two devices.

Simply said, do not expect Apple and Samsung to launch more innovative, yet more affordable smartphones in 2014. If you are looking for a budget mobile device, you should better focus on some of the older editions of these two gadgets. Their price tags are guaranteed to become more handsome.


  1. What a joke…WE, the public NEED to send these electronics companies a GRAVE MESSAGE BY NOT, buy their new s*** that come out every friggin’ week! All they are doing is to take COMPLETE ADVANTAGE of a public that feeds into it! Don’t buy their new sh** when it comes out and then the crap WON’T come out AS FREQUENTLY!!!!

    • “The wheels on the bus go round and round round and round, round and round….”

      Unfortunately, it is better to move with the flow. There is Apple, there is the media, there is the business, there is the life cycle, there are people who agree and who disagree with others’ ventures into speculations….

      I agree with you!


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