Today’s Most Demanded Technology Skills Not Surprising



Only a few years ago, the most demanded technology skills by employers were limited mainly to Office programs like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, now in 2014, we are surrounded by computers and various smart mobile devices. The bar has been raised and companies expect much more from their employees. According to a recent study conducted by Stack Overflow, the most demanded technology skills from job applicants today are related to web development.

Still, learning to code is a challenging task. In fact, it is very similar to learning a new language. In other words, it takes time and often a few courses. You may check here for self-help. Most people focus on just one or two developer skills. If you want to invest your time and money wisely, then you should invest it in Java. The research has found that this is the most in-demand technology skill today.

The key terms used by companies on job search websites were analyzed in order to examine the trends in the field. Over 22% of them included either the term “java” or “javascript.” This clearly shows that businesses have started to focus more on mobile technologies, like apps and mobile-friendly websites. In addition to that, it is a well-known fact that Java continues to be the most popular language among developers. Also, Java skills can be used in other development fields, like Android. Moreover, Android development is currently the fourth most searched for skill by employers with popularity of nearly 10%.

The second most in-demand tech skill is PHP (11.53%), followed by C# 10.74%. A little further down the list, you will also find other classic developer languages like .NET (9) and C++ (10). Simply said, oldies continue to be a hit on the market. The people behind the study explain this trend by the fact that companies seem to prefer to stick to older and well-established languages. Although every now and then they may be challenged by some trendy new skill, they tend to make a comeback eventually.

Now, take a look at the complete list of the most in-demand computer skills and pick one which you would like to add t your job resume.

  • Java/Javascript – 22.26%
  • PHP – 11.53%
  • C# – 10.74%
  • Android – 9.94%
  • JS – 9.23%
  • Python – 8.3%
  • Rails 0 8.29%
  • iOS 0 7.53%
  • .NET 0 7.12%
  • C++ – 4.96%


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