iPhone 6 – Separating the Truth from the Speculations



This year, for the first time, Apple released not one but two iPhones – the improved 5S and the not that much budget-friendly 5C – both available now for order at Apple store. The U.S. technology giant is expected to launch the iPhone 6 in 2014. With only a few days left until the arrival of the 2014, many rumours and news are being spread all over the web. iPhone fans and Apple investors are more than existed. However, they find it hard to decide whether a piece of information on the upcoming device is true or false. So, we have decided to examine each of the biggest iPhone rumours. The purpose of this article is to see which of the rumours are probable and which – improbable.

Bigger Screen

According to DigiTimes, as well as many other reports, the next iPhone will have a larger screen. The size of the display of iPhone 6 is not specified by any of the sources. Nevertheless, it is said to vary between 4.8” and 6”. If that is true, Apple’s upcoming smartphone may end up being a phablet.

Probable – This is not the first time when Apple is rumoured to make the new iPhone bigger. In fact, many experts and users expected the company to introduce a larger iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S. However, it did not happen yet. The reason was that Apple wanted to continue to make smartphones that can be used with just one hand. Will iPhone 6 stick to the old size? This is not really likely. The market has already shifted towards big-screen mobile devices. LG G2’s 5.2” size is just perfect. In addition, now it is predicted that tablets will challenge small-sized smartphones in 2014. Earlier this month, Forbes reported that phablets (smartphones with 5” or larger display) will be the only exception to this trend. Moreover, big-screened smartphones are expected to outsell small tablet PCs next year. Simply said, Apple will need to upgrade to a larger iPhone size in order to stay competitive.

Preserve Some iPhone 5S Features

Another big rumour about the iPhone 6 is that it will be very similar to 5S in terms of features. For instance, it is said that the new device will continue to rely on a 64-bit A7 processor and an M7 graphics chip. In addition to that, iPhone 6 is predicted to again come with a fingerprint sensor.

Probable – This may be true. When it comes to CPU and GPU, iPhone 5S is the most innovative and advanced smartphone on today’s market. None of its rivals has such powerful processors under the hood. That, of course, will probably change in 2014. Samsung may also choose to add a robust processor to its Galaxy S5. But even if that happens, there will be little point in taking things further… for now. Presently, there are not many iPhone apps that take full advantage of 5S’ groundbreaking 64-bit A7 processor. The case is similar with the fingerprint function.

Curved/Flexible Screen, New Camera, Siri

We will examine all three of these features together, because they were all triggered by Apple’s patent applications. The technology giant has filed patent applications for these three functions on separate occasions. Judging by them, the next iPhone may come with a curved or a flexible screen, a Liquidmetal and refocus-able light camera and a voice-based image tagging and searching service (possibly Siri).

Improbable – Most of these patents were applied for rather recently. Usually, it takes a year or more for a company to put an idea into practice. In addition, a patent does not always reach the mass market. Certainly, iPhone 6 will have a better camera, screen and a few new features. However, the above-mentioned may take a little more time to be developed. Nevertheless, a flexible display is no longer an innovation. Many manufacturers already introduced such models, yet they did not manage to win impressive numbers of consumers on their side. Therefore, Apple may not even attempt to add a curved screen to its high-end handset.

Touch and Hover Display

According to a new report by Apple Insider, iPhone 6 will sport a feature called touch and hover display. Sounds familiar, right? Samsung’s Android devices already have such a function.

Probable, Still… : If Apple introduces this feature to its next iPhone, it will rival some of Samsung’s bestselling devices. However, the two companies have a long history of court battles over similar patents and functions. That is why, Apple may actually prefer to stay away from this innovation. Yet, smartphone battles are always hard to predict.

Manufactured by Foxconn

Not long ago, Tell Me News informed that iPhone 6 will be again manufactured by Foxconn. According to the website’s sources, that will happen in Foxconn’s Chinese plants.

Probable – Foxconn and Apple benefit from a long partnership. As a matter of fact, Foxconn was given the task to manufacture some of the previous iPhones. Also, this manufacturer has the manpower, as well as a flexible capacity for mass production. That makes it an easy choice.

Apple, as usual, has not confirmed any of these rumours. However, if you do not have the patience to wait for the company to unveil its iPhone 6, this brief guide may give you a good idea on what you can expect to see in the new-generation iPhone.


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