Collectable works of art under $200 easy to find online nowadays


Being an art collector or simply an art enthusiast can be an expensive hobby. Most works of art worth investing in come at a very high price. That is why most people never even consider searching for a piece of fine art to buy. What they do not know, however, is that there are different places which offer paintings, photographs and prints of amazing modern artists on a really fair price. Among them is also’s newly opened department Amazon Fine Art. Although the online store currently offers Norman Rockwell’s “Willie Gillis: Package from Home” for the unbelievable $4.85 million, it also has many works under $200. If you are not an art expert but you want to invest in an affordable piece of art with potential, here are a few artists which deserve your attention.

Geoffrey Ansel Agrons – Agrons is a photographer who is often compared to Michael Kenna. His passion is to capture and examine the human footprint on nature. Argons clashes two worlds – overpopulated world filled with man-made objects and the peaceful and serene world of nature. “Six Magnolia Trees” perfectly illustrates his fascination with the coexistence of these two sides of our modern-day planet. It captures Blake Garden in Kensington, California. This archival pigment print is a limited edition and it relies on infrared photography. “Apuur Si Muove,” on the other hand, focuses more on the natural world. Nevertheless, it again mixes two seemingly opposite things. At first sight, the print appears to be very static. However, the sky captured by Agrons is so dynamic that it creates a feeling of an upcoming ominous event.

Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos – Another photographer that you can find on Amazon Fine Art is Jacquelyn Sloane Siklos. Siklos’ works often resemble paintings rather than photographs. That is due to the interesting photography techniques which she uses like toy lenses and digital SLR. In addition, Siklos herself states that she is not looking for perfection in her works. Instead, she focuses on accidental shots. “Theatre Crowd, King Street” and “Venice Impression” are two her works that showcase her style. You will find that they are actually photographs and not painting only after you take a close look at them. These distorted images seem as if taken from a dream and transformed into a piece of art. The best thing about Siklos’ works is that most of them are offered on a low price despite their quality.

Kate Nielsen – Not all works of art can tell stories but those of Kate Nielsen can. She has an interesting look on life and has the habit of illustrating her imagination in her paintings. “Stargazer” is an example of that. This works incorporates various images of things which, at first, make little or no sense at all. However, if you spend enough time looking and contemplating over it, like a stargazer does with the night sky, you will see Nielsen’s idea.

Kristjana S Williams – Contemporary art is William’s main specialty. She often captures strange creatures, beautiful flora and fauna, as well as mysterious landscapes. Although her works are contemporary, to create them, Williams relies partly on the old-day technique of Victorian engraving. Presently, one of her most popular titles on Amazon Fine Art is called “Hildar Fidrilda Kupa.” It is represents a human skull made from butterflies. This limited print is both grim and energizing.

Jack Addis – There are only two works of Addis on Amazon Fine Art right now – “Chloe Sevigny” and “Jean-Michel Basquiat.” Both of them perfectly showcase the artist’s interesting style. Addis is mainly known for his portraits of celebrities. The unique thing about them is that they are distorted and transformed with the use of modern technology. As a result, the person in the portrait, famous or not, becomes almost unrecognizable. In that way, he presents us to chaos and identity crisis.

Fine art should not always have to be expensive to be appreciated. There are many works of art under $200 that will look quickly transform the atmosphere in your home or office.


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