Exclusive Interview: Russian School of Art is Unique



Master pieces of the Russian school of art are not comparative to the majority of paintings and artworks displayed in Dubai’s art galleries. The most significant reason for that is the unique attention to detail and dept of expressions. Paintings and other artworks of Russian artists are now becoming a hit among UAE-based art experts, collectors and admirers.

During the official launch of Eternity Art & Culture Foundation, a pioneering promoter of Russian art and culture in the Middle East, Dubai Chronicle’s editor had the rare chance to meet up with a number of recognized Russian painters and international art collectors. The ceremony was an evening-long splendid celebration of  Russian art. Hosted by Eternity Art & Culture Foundation at the Jumeirah Zabeel Palace, the event featured an opera and jazz singer performances, that delighted guests and the Dubai-based Russian society.

The painter Mikhail Kaban-Petrov, few of whose works were on display, shared his vision and experience.

Q.:  What makes your artworks unique?

A.:  I live in continuous search of new creative achievements by analyzing the surrounding world. With the classic school of art as a background, my perspective remains unique in modern times.

My aim is to bring to the world not a picture or a plot, but the expression, something that is impossible to explain in words and only understood through contemplation. By using figurative and objective forms, I try to reach the level of generalization that reflects the diversity of my understanding through utilizing as few means of expression as possible.

Q.: How did you become an artist? Did you study or just grabbed a brush and began painting?

A.: Russia is a huge country. It is not easy to become a great painter as competition is tough. In my personal case, I loved painting from very early childhood and even have few paintings from age of 4. Later, I graduated from Novoaltay Art College in 1990 and  in 1996 from Surikov’s Moscow State Architecture & Art University, Art major (school of art of Sidorov).

Q.: Where do you sell your paintings?

A.:  I do not sell my paintings directly. Art galleries are approaching me, mainly  from Moscow. Some of my pieces have been sold out of Russia to private collectors in Germany, Slovakia, USA, England and Malta.

Q.: Are paintings more expensive in Moscow than in Dubai?

A.: From what I know, the prices are similar, but of course that depends on every individual painting.

Q.: Do you pay taxes for selling  paintings in Russia? 

A.: I personally, do not pay, but maybe the art galleries pay.

Q.: How do you feel in Dubai? Is this your first visit to U.A.E.?

A.: Dubai is a very interesting place. I like it, because it is sunny. If my paintings are liked here, I would be happy to visit your country again.

Mikhail is a participant into a large number of art exhibitions worldwide during the last twenty years. Art experts and critics call his style “mystic realism”, and the artist himself agrees with this term with the only correction that he would prefer his style to be related to “magic realism” as most of the time inspirations for his masterpieces are found in parallel worlds of creativity, such as poetry, music, cinema, and literature.


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