Best Online Jobs in 2013 So Far


With the rise of internet technology and computer software, companies of all sizes need to create more and more online jobs. Usually, these are small and medium businesses that prefer to stick to the more affordable virtual working environment. According to a recent research by, the fastest growing online jobs for the second quarter of this year are related to 3D printing, design, mobile technology and social media marketing. The website informed that the number of job openings in these spheres has increased greatly over this period.

3D Printing Jobs

Experts in 3D modeling, 3D rendering and 3D animation are very popular among employers. Each of these positions managed to make it to the top 20 job categories in Q2 2013. Of the three, highest was the jump in 3D rendering (17.3%). It is followed by 3D modeling (12.5%) and 3D animation (11.7%). This sector is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Quite the opposite – it is predicted that 3D printing will turn into a $3 billion industry in only three years.

Online Design Jobs

The number of small and medium businesses looking online for web designers has also increased over the past few months. That is especially the case with online illustrators. The demand for them has jumped by nearly 20%. Similar trend was registered with Photoshop designers. Although less popular, professionals like logo and banner designers also saw a higher demand by 9.2% and 14.4% respectively. Researchers are confident that this tendency will remain unchanged over the next months. The reason is that these online positions offer companies more flexibility.

Mobile Technology Jobs

Another rapidly developing industry is the mobile industry. Technology companies are now focusing on mobile technology more than ever before. As a consequence, mobile developers and other mobile specialists and engineers are among the most demanded professionals today. As you can probably guess, the biggest jump was marked in job openings for Android and iOS specialists. However, Android leads the market with a demand rise of almost 15%. Apple’s iOS comes second with a little over 10%.

Online Marketing Jobs

Small and medium businesses greatly rely on online marketing to popularize and promote their services and products. This is due to the simple fact that most online platforms used for marketing are either free to use or really affordable. Social media marketing professionals benefit from ever-growing demand. If you have a deep knowledge on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you are more likely to find a job. These two websites are lately investing more and more in advertising features. As a result, they are now enjoying more interest from SMBs.

But despite the rise of social media, demand in telemarketing and email marketing positions is also on the high. Email marketers saw a rise of nearly 5%, while telemarketers were 14.6% more popular among employers compared to previous periods.

So, if you are open to the idea of getting an online job, you should develop you 3D printing, design, marketing and mobile technology skills and knowledge.


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