Top Jobs for Women in 2013


Today, the role of career maker is no longer limited only to men, as you are well aware. Now, in most of the countries in the world, women are as educated and trained as men. Moreover, many of them demonstrate a great ambition to succeed and climb the career ladder as fast as they can.

But which are the most satisfying jobs for women. Certainly, they are different than those for men. As a rule, gentlemen are more interested in technology, engineering and legal professions. Women, on the other hand, are more open to professions will allow them to can help or even care after someone else. That is why ladies are dominating the healthcare sector.

However, they are no afraid to deal with jobs that are more stressful and intense since they allow them to put all of their training into practice and receive a good salary in return. These spheres are also seen on our list of best jobs for women for 2013. Nevertheless, there are a few surprising entries that were found to also make ladies feel happy, confident and independent. The ranking is based on factors like number of job openings, satisfaction levels, earning s and projected growth.

  • Diagnosing Doctors – Those include professionals like optometrists, dentists and physicians. About 60% of the women in this field report high satisfaction levels. In addition, the average salary of diagnosing doctors is estimated at $121,000. It is predicted that over the next seven years, the growth in this profession will reach 27%.
  • Health Professionals – Here we have dieticians, registered nurses and pharmacists. Although ladies who practice this profession earn less compared to diagnosing doctors, more than half of them are happy with their choice of career.
  • Medical Scientists – The number of average openings for medical scientists amounts to 4,000 per year. Also, women who work in this sphere enjoy a median salary of around $76,000.
  • Lawyers and Judges – The bar brings joy not only to men but also to women. By 2020, the growth in this sector will reach 10%.
  • Actuaries – Women actuaries receive an average of $91,000 every year. No wonder that 56% share that they are satisfied with their job.
  • Petroleum Engineers – This is a very untraditional career for ladies. However, women like it since it allows them to stand out among everyone else. The fact that the annual job opening for petroleum engineers is 1,000 and the salary about $122,000 may have something to do with that.
  • Psychologists – It can be said that the profession of a psychologist also has to do with healthcare, more or less. Every year, the number of job openings for this position is around 9,000 on the average.
  • Top-Level Managers – This is one of the most stressful jobs for women on our list. Still nearly 65% of all women state that their satisfaction levels are very high.
  • Counselors – Listening to other people’s problems all day long may be a grind for some. However, most women have no problem with it. As a result, the forecasted growth for counselors is expected to reach more than 25% in the next seven years.
  • Education Administrators – Managing and organizing the activities, administration and system in an educational institution are more than satisfying for 56% of women. Sales in this field are about $81,000.

As you can see, all of these job positions require a lot of training and a good education. That proves that women today are not simply ready to work. They are actually willing to make a career.


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