UAE Ministry of Health Bans Two Dietary Supplements



Food Supplements at FranFran The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Health has issued a ban on the sale of two products marketed as dietary supplements for male enhancement. The statement warns about the dangers of Bullet Proof and Vicerex, which contain hidden prescription drugs that may pose a threat to men suffering from diabetes, heart issues or having excess weight.

The nutritional supplements, as they are advertised, were officially confirmed dangerous by the American Food and Drug Administration after a detailed analysis last week. It turned out the products contain drugs which should be sold only with prescription but the labels doesn’t tell. Instead, they are promoted by the manufacturers as over-the-counter dietary supplements which can be imported and sold without approval or even registration with authorities. Both products are currently sold on several websites in the UAE but the Ministry of Health has ordered an immediate withdrawal from the market.

According to the Ministry’s statement, Bullet Proof and Vicerex are not registered with the Registration and Management of Drug Control, which is obligatory if they contain prescription drugs. The statement cites the warning issued by the FDA, confirming that the products contain the undeclared ingredient tadalafil which is the active ingredient of the otherwise approved in the U.S. drug Cialis. Tadalafil may interact with nitrates in some prescription medications such as nitroglycerin, often taken by people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, or heart disease. As a result, the ingredient may lower blood pressure to dangerous levels. There are even more side effects, according to the FDA, but consumers couldn’t know that because the label doesn’t declare “tadalafil”.

UAE’s Ministry of Water and Environment, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority and Dubai Municipality’s Public Health Department will take immediate actions to withdraw the so-called supplements from the market. They are now urging consumers not to purchase Vicerex and Bullet Proof, or if already bought to throw it away. Instead of the promised fountain of youth, they will do more harm than good, so before purchasing any kind of drug or supplement, you should first ask your healthcare provider or physician to tell what’s reliable, and what bogus information is.


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