Dubai Municipality Awards 9-year-old Emirati Inventor


On the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Rights Day, Dubai Municipality (DM) honored the youngest Emirati scientist and inventor, the 9-year-old Adeeb Suleiman Al Balushi. Having seven inventions registered in his name already, the boy is currently working on a device that will predict heart attacks while driving and save many lives.

His most notable invention is maybe the artificial limb he created for his father who suffered from polio. The child prodigy admitted that all he was interested in was helping people in need with the help of technology and making their lives easier. When his father told he couldn’t swim because his prosthetic leg would be damaged from the water, the boy came up with a lighter, waterproof version made of medical wax which is also eco-friendly and reusable. Other inventions are the robot house cleaner for Adeeb’s mother, a door for cats, and a fireproof helmet equipped with night vision for firefighters. Although Adeeb still has no legal patents, he is recognized by many scientists, businessmen, and state officials.

During an official ceremony at Dubai Municipality in Deira on Thursday the nine-year-old inventor was awarded a certificate of appreciation by DM’s Director General Hussain Lootah. The occasion of the ceremony was the World Intellectual Property Rights Day which celebrates every year on April 26 innovation and highlights patent and copyright issues. During his opening speech, Lootah focused on protecting the intellectual property rights of national youth and encouraging them to exert their creativity and talents.

After the event, Adeeb Al Balushi’s father said there are seven Adeeb’s inventions registered with the Emirates Intellectual Property Association, and hopefully they will be successfully patented in Abu Dhabi. The Emirati boy wonder has four brothers and three sisters and studies at the Gems Wellington International School in Dubai.


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