Is the Raspberry Ketone Hype Justified?


Since November last year, there is an increasing hype about the new raspberry ketone weight loss supplements across the world. But now many practitioners and scientists are saying the miracle fat burner is actually a scam, just another well-advertised product that will bring huge revenues to its sellers.

Diet Wouldn’t be really wonderful if a single pill could instantly make you thin? Since the introduction by the popular TV star Dr. Oz, the raspberry ketone supplements have been flying off the shelves. But does it really work? Doctors are now discrediting the dietary supplement, claiming its weight loss properties have never been proved by clinical studies. So, let’s see some of the claims for and against.

The raspberry ketone increases lypolosis in the body, or the fat burning process. In a study mice fed on raspberry ketone were more likely to lose weight than mice fed on a regular diet. According to Dr. Mark Olson from the Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, studies which prove this theory have only been made on mice. So, there is still no scientific evidence that suggest it would work on humans as well. This is the reason why the FDA hasn’t approved the raspberry ketone as a supplement treating obesity in the United States, for example. Another interesting thing is that the mice in the research were fed a fatty meal and then were given 2% of their own body weight of the ketones. So, imagine a 200 pound man who wants to lose weight. In order to copy the effect, he has to eat around four pounds of the dietary supplement every day, which sounds quite inadequate.

Another claim from the manufacturers and sellers of raspberry ketone supplements is that it is 100% natural, ensuring there are no negative side effects. In fact, the raspberry ketone is chemically similar to a stimulant which is known to increase the heart rate and the blood pressure. Logically, it has the similar properties and if you have some heart condition, you should avoid raspberry ketone. According to doctors, most of the overweight and obese patients have various heart problems and high blood pressure, so it seems the dietary supplement can actually do more harm than good.

There is still no agreement on the effects of raspberry ketone supplements, but all scientists say that a miraculous weight loss pill just doesn’t exist. Dr. Olson reminds that weight loss cannot be achieved by a magic pill or secret exercise program, but by changing your whole lifestyle.


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