Valentine’s Day Dinner Etiquette



No matter if you are planning to celebrate your years-long relationship or simply going on a first-time date this Valentine’s Day, you should familiarize yourself with some basic dinner etiquette rules. Manners are an important factor on a romantic night out and they can often make a huge difference. We have prepared five simple, but key rules which you should try to follow during your Valentine’s Day dinner.
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Rule #1 – No cellphones – Remember to turn off your phone or to at least put it on a silent mode. Even if you and your partner have been together for long time, you should not let anything interrupt you romantic evening. In addition, do not use your smartphone to surf the web, play games or work with apps. This would be a very rude thing to do.

Rule #2 – Direct all of your attention towards your Valentine – Mobile phones are not the only distractors that can spoil your date. Try to pay attention only to your half. For instance, don’t engage in random conversations with the waiter/waitress or with the other people in the restaurant. In addition, be careful of what you talk about. For example, do not discuss your workday or what you had for breakfast. Instead tell your love that he/she looks great, share your feelings and talk about positive things.

Rule #3 – Have good table manners – Do not chew your food with your mouth open! Use fork and knife, not your fingers. Maintain a straight posture. These are all simple things, but some often forget about them when they are nervous or when they have been with their partners for a long time. However, table manners are very important since they have the power to make an excellent or a terrible impression.

Rule #4 – Thank for the gifts you receive – You don’t like your present for Valentine’s Day? Well, it happens. However, don’t let that show and don’t forget to say “Thank you.” On holidays like this one, it’s the gesture that counts. Moreover, imagine how you would feel if your partner or date tells you that your gift is not pretty enough, for instance.

Rule #5 – Postpone breakup plans – Let’s say that you are not happy with your partner anymore and you want to end the relationship. Leave it for another day. Breaking up with someone on the most romantic day of the year can leave deep marks and define a person’s future love adventures. A breakup on Valentine’s Day can be very traumatizing for some people. Try to enjoy the evening and postpone the end for the day after.


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