Google reveals the Nexus 4 from a different point of view



Google used the Grammy Awards commercial break to give more light on its Nexus 4 device. What was interesting about the ad was that it promoted the device in a new and different way.

Instead of listing a number of specs and features, Google tried to create an emotional connection between the consumers and the smartphone. That can be effective for people who are not familiar with software, average device specifications and hardware. However, for tech geeks it is simply an ordinary video with some music in the background.

With the ad, Google tried to show off many of the functions of Nexus 4 by illustrating it into action. We see how people use the device to find restaurants, check the weather, video chat, plan events and travels, as well as do a little translating. The commercial tries to illustrate that Google’s new gadget can be helpful to anyone for anything. There are no numbers and strange abbreviations.

This new advertising technique is also used by Samsung. Through it, companies attempt to show that their product is more than an electronic device, but rather as a companion and a must-have accessory.

Although the commercial is powerful and effective, it fails to mention one important thing. In order Nexus 4 to be so useful to you, you will need to forget about your privacy. Users who want to take a full advantage of the functions of Google’s new phone need to share lots of private information like their location, preferences, interests and etc. As you probably can imagine, that is a very risky thing to do.

Google developed Nexus 4 in an attempt to challenge Apple’s Siri. In addition, the giant’s new smartphone runs on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. This operating system was never included in an ad before. So with the Nexus 4 commercial, consumers finally got to see the capabilities of the new Android OS.

Can Google’s Nexus 4 commercial be defined as successful? It depends on what type of consumer you are.


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