Top 5 Most Stylish Hollywood Movies of All Times



Hollywood is abundant of fashion and style. Thousands of stylists and fashion advisers help directors create a runway on the silver screen. That is why fashionistas and designers often look up to flicks and even draw inspirations from them. The films that can be regarded as being stylish are far too many. However, in this article we will discuss five of most everlasting fashion choices on the big screen.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – This is the movie that started many Hollywood trends. One of them is the little black dress which ladies all over the world still love and wear. A large variety of it is available at, and However, this is not the only dress that impressed in the movie. Those of you who have watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s may have noticed that there are entire collections of magnificent dresses. Among them are a few by Givenchy. The makeup, shoes and hair also stand out in the film. But probably the most memorable accessories are the famous tiara and the long cigarette holders.

Moulin Rouge – Here we have an explosion of style! Not only are the costumes in this flick an example of excellent fashion, but also the set itself. The dresses and the gowns were big and flashy, making them perfect for the scene. Throughout the movie the viewer is bombarded with lavish red satin and luxurious bustiers covered in Swarovski crystals. An interesting fact about Moulin Rouge is that the necklace in the opening scene of the film worn by Nicole Kidman is the most expensive piece of jewelry ever made for a movie! No wonder the film was awarded with an Oscar award for consume design.

Devil Wears Prada – This movie is filled with top designer brands and labels, especially with Prada. The film showed off dozens of outfits most of them belonging to Meryl Streep’s slightly evil but fashionable character. The only reason we are putting this film way down on the third spot is because of the terrible style of Anne Hathaway’s character in the first half of the movie.

Chicago – This production impresses with the fact each of the characters had its own and unique style and taste. Renee Zellweger, for example, looks sweet and beautiful in her glittery and light costumes. Catherine Zeta-Jones, on the other hand, is dangerously sexy in her black satin outfits. A more royal and noble appearance has Queen Latifah whose dresses reflect the style at the beginning of the 20th century. Richard Gere also grabs the viewer’s attention with his pin-stripe suits that make him look like a true gentlemen.

Memoirs of a Geisha – After this Hollywood movie went out in the theatres, people started to report various fits of unplanned shopping sprees. The reason for that was the breathtaking oriental and Asian style. The film even inspired some of the most famous designers to include floral patterns and silk dresses in their collections. In addition, the kimono made a loud comeback!


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