Top 10 Fashion Crimes Committed by Men


We live in a grim world. Fashion crimes are committed everywhere and the number of offenders is rising. It seems that fashion gurus are powerless in the face of horrible taste. Most of the fashion offenders are said to be female. However, our detectives have evidence that males also have trouble following the laws of runaways and designers’ visions. Here are some of the most common fashion crimes committed by men.

Ties of the Wrong Size – Dear gentlemen, remember that your tie must never be too long or too short. The ideal tie should reach the top of our trousers. is a great site to get advice from.

Un-tucked Office Shirts – You may think that you look cool, but you are wrong. The only image you will have wearing your shirt like that, is being sloppy or indifferent.

Suits that are Too Big – It has been found that most men wear suits that are at least one size bigger that theirs. The reason for this strange trend is that the majority of men believe that a bigger suit will make them appear more muscular.
Wrong! Quite the opposite, the bigger the suit, the smaller you look.

Jeans that are Too Embellished or Too Distressed – Such jeans may look nice on women, but things are not the same with men. The gentle men should stick to jeans which have a simpler design.

T-Shirts with “Funny” Slogans – Don’t use your shirt to say how funny you are. Show that with your actions and words. A shirt with a hackneyed expression or phrase is never a symbol of style or good taste.

Square-Toed Shoes – The square design for shoes is never a good idea simply because naturally our feet are not square.

Tie Bar Bigger that the Tie – The tie and the tie bar should have the same width. Also, it won’t be a problem if the tie bar is a bit narrower. However, avoid wearing tie bars that are wider than the tie itself.

Badly-Tailored Trouser Breaks – Even if the rest of the suit fits perfectly, a bad pants break will ruin your entire look. To avoid that, use the help of a professional tailor.

Hybrid Shoes – Shoes that try to combine the design of dress shoes with that of sports shoes is something no one should ever wear! 

Wallets that are Overstuffed – Find a wallet that can fit all of your belongings without losing its shape and form. Also, don’t keep things you don’t need anymore.

If you have seen or know offenders who have committed the above crimes, please show them this article!


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