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Weight Loss: Raspberry Ketone vs Green Coffee Bean


Every year a new weight loss super food appears and everyone gets excited about its magical power and unbelievable effectiveness. But which one of the two most popular products of 2012, the green coffee bean extract and the raspberry ketone is better and which one of them is worth taking?

The truth is there are no magic bullets, but both supplements really contain anti-oxidants which are said to have health benefits. Very few studies have been done on both raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract and most of them are placebo-controlled and done on mice. But if we have to pick the better one and evaluate their real effectiveness for weight loss, we’ll have to compare them, or at least see the data that is proven scientifically.

Raspberry Ketones

DietThe thing about this supplement is that trials have been done only to mice and the results can only be partially related to human research. But the mice studies results are promising – raspberry ketones in mice alter the levels of hormone adinopectin which is a factor in insulin resistance and regulates fat stores. Studies show that the flavoring compound of berries can also stimulate the release of hormone norepinephrine which affects metabolism. Mice fed on high-fat diet really lose weight more efficiently when given raspberry ketones, so more detailed research should be done in order to prove the same effect on humans.

Besides the lack of scientific evidence, there is one more negative side of the issue. If raspberry ketone acts much like a stimulant on the body, it might not be appropriate for people with heart disease or high blood pressure.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract

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The extract is known to contain a variety of anti-oxidants which protect cells from toxic damage, aging and free radicals. Another compound is the chlorogenic acid that plays a major role in controlling blood sugar levels which means the extract reduces the sugar in the blood and the production of insulin. If too much insulin is produced the body begins to store the fat instead of burning it, so the green coffee bean extract can really accelerate weight loss. Another great thing about the supplement is that it suppresses appetite and may lower the blood pressure.

As with raspberry ketones, scientific evidence for the effects of green coffee bean extract on weight loss is scarce. The extract was proven to help in burning the fat in a study which was conducted for a very short period of time and included only 16 adults. Another flaw is that the caffeine in the extract may have negative affect on people with high blood pressure and other health problems, as well as create an allergic reaction in sensitive individuals.

Both supplements undoubtedly have their weaknesses but the effects on animals are very promising. Further studies will show more information on their effectiveness, as well as their long-term effects on people. For now scientists recommend that we should pair them with a balanced diet and daily exercises in order to achieve the best results. And one of the most important things is to make sure where you buy the supplements from, and whether they are natural or engineered in laboratories.



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