Would you use a Midnight Message Delivery on New Year’s Eve?


World’s most popular social network, Facebook, announced a Midnight Message Delivery system that will be doing the general public a great service. The newest Facebook feature will allow users to send their greetings in private messages when the clock strikes twelve this December 31st.

Every Facebook user who wants to send their friends wishes for the New Year will be able to do so in advance. Sign for the feature and the private message will be delivered to your friends’ Facebook inbox at midnight, December 31. The process is really simple – users just have to allow the application and give it permission to access user data. Then they just write down the wishes and select the friends that they want to send New Year greetings.

The new feature, available via the Facebook Stories application, will be very convenient to those who don’t want to interrupt their party by getting on the mobile devices or computers. Every year we all try to call and text our closest people and very often mobile lines are so busy, we cannot connect for hours. And the new application provides us a way to avoid this by simply ordering message delivery in advance.

It is interesting how the Midnight Message Delivery application will affect the mobile usage, considering mobile user base is growing. Facebook Co-Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed his and the company goal to provide a good quality mobile experience for users, irrelevant of the device – an iPhone, a Blackberry or an Android based one.

The new application is believed to even increase the mobile usage on New Year’s Eve. People will actually rather check their mailboxes to read the New Year wishes, than sit on their computers. Of course, an increase of the mobile sector can be seen only if the Midnight Message Delivery application attracts a lot of fans. And this would not be a difficult task – the application has gained around 5,000 fans only for a day.


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