Typical diseases threatening men’s health



Men’s health should come first. There are some typical deceases which can threaten the well-being of the male part of the human society. If we are properly informed and ready, all that is left is to find a solution for the problem. This is very easy because every issue can be solved; this particular can be abolished by healthy diet, regular exercises, reducing one’s stress levels, and of course medication usage.

High blood pressure is one the most common diseases which attack most male in adult age. Due to everyday stress and high cholesterol values, more and more men are struck by this unpleasant problem. Frequent alcohol and nicotine usage also strengthens the risk of high blood pressure. Healthy diet without food rich of fat and salt is the first step to deal with the problem. Regular physical activities also help to put the blood pressure values back in the norm.

Other decease caused by the usual use of alcohol and tobacco by most men is the liver cancer. The liver is one the most important organs in our body. It has many functions and produces a great number of cells everyday which means that many cancer cells can attack it. This may lead to tumors. Not all tumor are cancerous and dangerous but we have to pay attention of one discovers an illness like that. The danger here comes from fact that cancer doesn’t always cause pain. Frequent visit to the doctor is recommended. In case the cancer is dangerous and threatens man’s health, one must start radiation therapy or ablation. In worst cases the cancer can be removed by a surgeon and the patient could receive a new transplanted liver.

Most men are also endangered by another type of cancer – prostate cancer. This disease strikes men above the age of 40 and it is hard to feel it because it grows slowly. Thing which cause this form of cancer are again unhealthy fat diet and alcohol and tobacco abuse, although scientist are still arguing about what actually forms the prostate cancer. What is certain is that the prostate produces a vast number of cancerous cells with no control of it. These cells form a tumor in the organ and when it becomes big enough we talk about a cancer. The tumor feeds on the male hormones produced in the prostate in order to grow. The problem here is that is very hard to diagnose the disease because it has almost no symptoms. Frequent need to urinate and unpleasant feeling during the act, along with enlargement of the organ itself is a warning. When we have a warning like this we should visit the doctor immediately. The prostate cancer can be treated with radiation, hormones and with surgery.

Men, maintain your physical fitness and unbeatable health by consuming healthy low fat food and by reducing all the alcohol and nicotine. A regular physical exercise is also a good way to improve the vitality. If this doesn’t help a visit to the doctor can always help.


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