Top Winter Holiday Destinations in 2012



Melancholic autumn days are almost over. Soon winter will come and with it colder weather and, depending on where you live, snow. However, the long Christmas holiday season ahead will give us the opportunity to escape to some nice and warm winter holiday destinations. If you still haven’t decided on an exact location, take a look at our suggestions for winter vacations.

The Maldives

These islands are isolated, peaceful and luxurious. The beaches and the blue lagoon are perfect for sunbathing. You can also go snorkeling and diving in the ocean, where only water creatures will keep you company. The Maldives consists of both small and big islands. The smaller ones offer more privacy, while the bigger – a more dynamic life. That makes the spot suitable for all types of visitors.


Tall palms, golden beaches, blue water… These are only some of the things you can see in Thailand. The country is known for the fact that it offers luxury at a very affordable price. Also, this place hides both thrilling adventures and relaxing experiences. For example, you can go and see one of the country’s symbols, the elephant, in its natural habitat, or spend a day full of blissful spa treatments and massages. And the longer you stay this winter holiday, the more you save with Anantara Luxury Resorts.


The nature in this part of the world is very exotic and unique – a worth traveling all the way from Dubai. You can spend hours exploring the diverse terrain. In Dominica tourists can walk the deep and dense rainforest and discover lakes and waterfalls. However, make sure you hire a guide or you may get yourself lost. The local beaches are clean and well-maintained. In addition, there are many eco-lodges in the region where you can stay this winter holiday.


Because of the Communist regime in Cuba, the country is as if taken from another world. The architecture, the music and the everyday sights on the streets are very unique and entertaining. Cuba has sunkissed beaches, but it also offers many charming inland spots. If you choose to spend your winter holidays there, make sure you visit some of the local bars. There you can dance salsa, have a drink or even smoke a Cuban cigar.


Not far from Cuba is the city of Miami. This all-year round, but not only winter, holiday destination has a buzzing nightlife. Also, there are plenty of places to go to like restaurants, galleries, cafés and malls. The beach is where you can meet people from all over the world and practice your foreign language skills. In addition, you can witness one of the many local street parades or theaters.

So, if you want to spend a sunny winter holiday away from Dubai and the Middle East, pick one of these destinations. They have everything you need – sun, beach, adventure and peace!


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