Nutrition Education Workshop for Children in Dubai



In line with its ongoing commitment to promote good nutrition and healthy living through engaging activities, and in response to the continuous demands from schools to contribute in nutrition education for children, Nestlé created the “Leaders of the New Healthy World”. This interactive workshop, specifically designed by the Nutrition Expert team at Nestlé for children in Dubai between the ages of 8-10, teaches the basics of nutrition and the role of food and physical activity on the body.

“The interactive module is part of the “Nestlé Eat Right Live Well” campaign and will be first introduced in schools in the UAE starting with the American Universal School in Dubai and later rolled out across the Middle East. The module will be run by the Nestlé Consumer Services team locally present in each country,” said Nashwa Ibrahim, Consumer Services Manager at Nestlé Middle East.

“The Nutrition Education workshop has been launched in response to the need for strong and consistent health awareness among children, particularly against the backdrop of rising levels of child obesity due to over-nutrition and inactive lifestyles,” said Karine Janho, Nutritionist, Nestlé Middle East and project manager. “Instilling good nutritional and lifestyle habits right from the start is crucial as it really shapes the future of children. Such initiatives will also complement government investment in nutrition education and bring Nestlé closer to its goal of building a healthier tomorrow.”

The workshop is based around the adventure of a group of kids known as “The Leaders of the New Healthy World”, who sail to a mysterious island to discover a secret that makes them stronger and smarter. The secret is the nutrition knowledge they acquire while surviving on the island and the food and physical activity guide they discover.

Through short and engaging role-playing activities, the kids are briefed on various nutrition key elements such as the role of the five senses, the need to eat foods from all the colours of the rainbow, the different food groups, the nutrients these contain, the number of servings they need from each food group each day and last but not least, the importance of regular physical exercise. At the end of the workshop, the children are given a one-day menu and physical activity guide as well as a booklet filled with fun nutrition exercises.
“The Nestlé “Leaders of the New Healthy World” Nutrition Education workshop is offered free of charge to all local and expat school children aged 8 to 10 years in both Arabic and English, as we are keen that the activity reaches out to the widest possible audience,” said Maiada El Shahawy, Consumer Services Supervisor for the UAE at Nestlé.

For more information and scheduling for the workshop in the UAE, contact Nestlé on 800-971971 (toll free)

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