Sheikh Mohammed: “Wait for developmental and economic surprises in UAE!”


In remarks to the media during the inauguration of Dubai Metro’s Green Line today, His Highness expressed his great satisfaction with the momentous achievement, saying that such success is the fruit of hard work and a materialisation of his vision to position Dubai as a leading international destination for finance, trade and tourism.

Sheikh Mohammed affirmed to reporters that the UAE is prospering, before promising that further good news and development was in store for the UAE’s economy.

Sheikh Mohammed noted that opening Dubai Metro’s Green Line on schedule was a challenge in itself given the global financial crisis, saying that the project had to be completed on time to avoid disruption to Dubai’s 2015 Strategic Plan.

“I decided to follow this project through to completion so that we can ready ourselves for future initiatives,” he said.

Sheikh Mohammed highlighted the enormous challenges faced by the country’s founding fathers, adding that had they not stood up to these challenges, the UAE wouldn’t enjoy its current standing.

He asserted that no projects would be postponed in the fields of healthcare, education and housing, as they are directly tied to the well-being of citizens. He added that such concerns are at the forefront of the UAE leadership’s priorities.


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