The Magic of Max Stevenson at Wonderland Amusement Park for Eid Celebrations


Master Illusionist Max Stevenson will be hosting a number of shows at Wonderland Amusement Park for Eid Celebrations. He is well known for staging large scale illusions. The most famous of which was a stunt in which he disappears walking through a giant jet turbine! He has also performed shows in which he made appeared white tigers but also a full size F1 and a real helicopter on stage!

Featured on numerous specials events and TVs shows around the world, Max Stevenson performs some of the most imaginative and defiant illusions and was invited for very special performances allowing him to build friendship with Michael Jackson or to perform for the French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

“One of our main aims of organizing Eid Celebrations was to create an original and unique event. We have spared no efforts in organizing these performances and we are proud to offer this entertainer to the guests. Max comes directly from Paris to celebrate Eid with all of us! He will be performing indoor during Eid week end at 16PM and 19PM. Max and his team selected specific illusions bringing a 20 minutes family showcase accessible to anybody. From now, everyone will feel the Magic!” Wonderland’s Public Relations said.


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