Mahra Ladies Banking designed exclusively for today’s woman



  • Mahra Ladies Banking provides significant discounts at shops, restaurants, hotels and resorts
  • Additional benefits include concierge services, free valet parking, unlimited access to Ladies Clubs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah
  • Sharia-compliant bank to introduce dedicated ladies-only section at select branches

Ajman Bank, an award-winning financial services institution committed to transforming the experience of Islamic banking, announced today the launch of Mahra, a ladies banking service that offers female customers a world of benefits and rewards. Mahra, which is Arabic for filly, has been designed by Ajman Bank to meet the professional requirements and lifestyle needs of women across the UAE.

Mahra customers receive a range of benefits, including a Mahra Debit Card, which provides discounts at high-end retail outlets, more than 60 restaurants, and hotels and resorts across the country. In addition, Mahra customers are eligible for unlimited access to health and fitness facilities at Ladies Clubs in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Finally, customers receive free valet parking at leading venues across the UAE, as well as access to concierge services.

Beyond these instant rewards, Ajman Bank will have dedicated sections to serve female customers in exclusive areas of select branches, beginning at the main branch in Ajman. Mahra sections will shortly afterwards be introduced in Abu Dhabi and elsewhere across the bank’s nationwide network. Female customers may open a Mahra account at any Ajman Bank branch in the UAE.

“At Ajman Bank, we strongly believe in the importance of understanding the financial requirements of women and are proud to introduce customised financial solutions to meet those evolving needs,” said Mohamed Amiri, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Ajman Bank. “The launch of Mahra brings us a significant step closer to our goal of providing a full suite of retail banking products designed specifically for women.”

Recent market research indicates a significant rise in female participation in the financial decision-making process in homes throughout the region, especially in the UAE. Based on these studies and its own research, Ajman Bank carefully evaluated the unique spending, borrowing and investing habits of women in order to develop its Sharia-compliant Mahra ladies account.

“At Ajman Bank we continuously endeavour to understand the needs of our customers – especially women, who are important member of society and whose increasing influence in financial decision-making creates a need to address their special requirements,” said Asad Batla, Group Head of Retail Banking, Ajman Bank. “Our bank wants to be a perfect partner in their journey, whether it is handling their transactions or rewarding them through benefits and discounts.”

“When we were developing this new initiative, we wanted to take full account of the increasingly dynamic role of women in the UAE, who are now fully empowered financial decision-makers,” said Maryam Al Shorafa, Head of Ladies Banking, Ajman Bank. “The role of women continues to evolve here and across the wider region – and we understand that Ajman Bank must keep pace with the times. We are therefore extremely proud to announce the launch of Mahra.”


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