ID cards for Emiratis valid for 5 years



The Emirates Identity Authority has explained that the main reason behind the decision that the ID card for UAE nationals be valid for 5 years lies in the fact that the validity period of the raw material of the smart card does not exceed 5 years and that the presumable lifetime of the electronic chip and the digital certificates stored in it is also 5 years.

The Emirates Identity Authority reiterated in a press release its abidance by the international norms under which the validity of the identification documents and some data stored in the ID card’s electronic chip is fixed, taking into consideration the biological changes that might take place by the lapse of time and affect the quality of fingerprints and the card holder’s complexions.

Fixing the lifetime of ID card at 5 years is also linked with a number of other variable data including the card holders’ addresses, academic qualifications, professions, employers and the social status such as marriage and divorce, the Emirates Identity Authority said.

The Emirates Identity Authority reiterated its keenness on developing and upgrading all its services in such a manner that meets the expectation of the public and responds to their demands, enabling them to register for ID card, which is the main means of identification and the tool for obtaining many government and non-government services.


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