Prices of basic commodities up by 12.43 percent



Figures from Abu Dhabi’s Department of Planning and Economy (DPE) have revealed that prices of basic commodities went up by 12.43 percent between June and July.

The index generated by the department showed prices fell back slightly in the third week but ended the month up due to the increasing prices of certain items, especially fish.

“Investigations by DPE revealed that the prices of fish have only gone up at the Abu Dhabi Cooperative Society (ADCS), where the fish outlet is leased to a private investor who is committed to pay ADCS 10 to 20 percent,” the department said in a statement. Rising fish prices were blamed on the increasing cost of certain species from suppliers in Dubai, as well as the cost of ice, needed to preserve the fish longer in the hot summer months.

The DPE also said an investigation into reports of unjustified rises in the price of rice found big differences at various stores and let to at least one outlet revising its price down.

Variations in the prices of other items, such as spices, were justified by the difference in quality.


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