10 Things Not To Do On Christmas

It’s Christmas time – the time of making lists – list of gifts, list of things to do, food to prepare, people to see. List of things NOT to do.

Yes, it might sound strange, but sometimes this is the only thing we forget. If you want to avoid some common mistakes and reduce the stress during the holidays (because this is your time to relax!) follow these 10 simple rules.

Don not overspend

 It is so easy to spend all your money to buy better gifts or go to your dream vacation. It is even easier to spoil the kids with new expensive toys. But remember credit cards are not limitless, and besides someone has to pay them down sooner or later. This can really spoil the next several months.

Do not start a new diet

You think you can easily lose ten pounds by New Year’s Eve and look perfect for the party. You might, still, you have a better chance to torture yourself and others around you over nothing. Starving is almost impossible around richly set tables full of delicious festive food. Just try to stick to a healthier moderate eating to have some results.

Do not invite your evil aunt

 It may be an aunt, grandmother, niece or neighbor – we all have in the guest list someone we do not like. Of course, there is no need to insult people; you just make up some excuse to avoid unpleasant meetings. A serious misunderstanding or a fight during the holidays can ruin everything, so remember your priorities.

Do not make your Christmas material

Expensive gifts, big gifts, exotic trips matter to a certain point. The more important things are these you cannot touch or see – the time spent with the right people, at the right time, the comfort, warmth and friendship they give.

Do not give people socks for a present

No one wants socks for a present. It is better to give a bottle of wine or a book. Or even if you waited until the last minute and you wonder what to buy, try with a bag of candies or a cake – sweets are always appropriate during Christmas.

Do not cook fifty kinds of food

Baking ten kinds of cookies is a little too much – one or two different kinds will be enough even when the house is full of children. You can always buy some more food while throwing away good, home-made food is a real sin.

Do not say X-mas

It is not X-mas, it is Christmas, the birth of Christ. According to historians, Christ was actually born around August – September. Christians, however, celebrate his birth on December 25 – a date that no one, named X was born. So stick to the whole “Christmas”.

Do not drink too much

The variety of alcohol during the holidays is tempting, we all know that. This doesn’t mean to drink until you fall asleep or worse. Try with light cocktails and a lot of water.

Do not send out cards to people you see every day

It will only make you nervous and occupy a lot of your time. Besides, it is pointless. Prepare a few cards to people you really miss on Christmas.

Do not over decorate

Do not buy the biggest Christmas tree. Remember that your home is not a circus and the house does not need to be seen from the sky.

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