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Silver prices to remain buoyant

Majority of market analysts project silver prices to remain buoyant, because of an increase in demand from speculators, hedge funds and metal buying ETF’s looking for a cheap substitute for gold.

Silver prices expected to rebound

Earlier last week, strong manufacturing data from China and India, amongst other countries provided good profit opportunities in the silver trades. After retreating nearly 15.5% since early...

Silver prices to end down on the year

With only weeks weeks left until the end of the year and no solution in sight for the European debt crisis, many analysts tend to expect silver prices to end down on the year

Gold Outlook Neutral, Silver Bearish

There are quite a lot of analysts and commentators who are predicting the end of the bull market, but ENBD analysts do not subscribe to this scenario, at least not yet.

Stronger dollar drives gold prices lower

Gold futures fell nearly $100 Wednesday before slightly regaining grounds, weighed by year-end profit-taking and a further  drop in the euro.

Current macroeconomic environment holds back silver prices

The current macroeconomic environment is expected to hold back the industrial demand, which in turn would add pressure to the already struggling silver prices.

Renewed optimism expected to lift gold prices

Late week euro rally lifted gold prices higher as demand for the greenback weakened with investors willing to take on more risk.

Investors continue to remain wary of silver

So far this year spot silver prices have increased more than 6.0% and investors continue to remain wary of silver.

Gold getting tailwind from stronger euro

On Monday, gold futures rallied following global equity markets on optimism about Europe’s debt crisis resolution and hope Black Friday strong sales will help prop the U.S. economy.

Silver traders finding refuge in safety of USD

Weakness seems evident in the precious metal markets with investors swinging more towards the risk - off sentiment.

Neutral to Bearish Weekly Outlook for Precious Metals

Germany has found itself more and more in the headlines. The very unsatisfactory Bund auction and the confirmed sales of Gold from its reserves were...

Precious Metals Weekly Outlook Bearish

Growing uncertainty inside investment community can cause prices for Precious Metals to be easily influenced by very short-term liquidity-driven forces.

Gold prices on the way up, short term perspective

In early Monday afternoon trade in East Asia today,  benchmark Comex gold futures traded nearly 1% higher, as news reports say that Germany had rejected...

Silver advances to catch up to gold

Analysts are seeing the industrial component of silver kick in as it tries to catch up to gold.

Gold rallies again ahead of EU summit and Diwali

  Gold soared more than 3% on Tuesday and continues to climb in an electronic trading today, right now trading over $1720. Spot gold...

Silver expected to gain 25% in a quarter

Analysts expect China to be a major contributor in directing the price of silver, as demand continues to be driven with the metal’s widespread industry usage.

Gold should be part of a balanced portfolio

There are a number of channels through which gold investments can be made.

Gold traders turn bullish

During the past week, following a volatile period in the last week of September, spot gold traded in a relatively subdued manner. Prices opened...