Mesmerizing and Rockin’ Swiss Days Dubai 2019 Spectacular show, brilliant performance!

For the eleventh edition of Swiss Days Dubai 2019 – presented by Nescafe Gold – Swiss Art Gate UAE brought creative young performance artists and fascinating rock musicians to Dubai.
Swiss Days Dubai has already established itself as an annual event that appeals to a wide audience. Swiss Days 2019 – presented by Nescafe Gold – took place again this year at the Madinat Theater, Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, and is under the patronage of the Embassy of Switzerland to the UAE and Bahrain.
It is incredible to see the music and entertainment talents that Switzerland has to offer. Every year Swiss Art Gate UAE succeeds in delighting the local and international public with new highlights.
The five gifted young artists from The Blackouts performed their unique LED light show. Their witty performance was an exceptional treat for the eyes. In the completely darkened Madinat Theater, lightning fast flashes of fluorescent effects were executed and controlled by the ambitious dancers. Their routines were presented with phenomenal skill and delightful aesthetics, and carried out to absolute perfection with millisecond accuracy.
Stand-up comedian Charles Nguela set a contrasting note, challenging the audience with his sharp-witted linguistic talent. With a huge dose of humor and comedy, the amusing side of everyday Swiss life was presented to the Dubai audience, along with many entertaining anecdotes from his extensive travels.
On Friday, 1 February 2019, the Madinat Theater was transformed into a rock arena. Mozart Heroes, who usually perform for European audiences, gave an extraordinary concert. Using only a guitar, violoncello and some drum-samples, Chris and Phil lifted the audience from their seats with their energy and passion, and a dance party ensued. The audience thanked the two musicians for their mix of classical and hard rock music with standing ovations.
Congratulating the entrepreneur and Swiss Days’ founder Kurt Blum on the successful program, the Ambassador of Switzerland to the UAE and Bahrain, Her Excellency Maya Tissafi, said: “Believing and investing in Culture and Diversity is a belief our country, Switzerland, strongly shares with the United Arab Emirates. The new edition of the Swiss Days brought comedy, music and light performance to Dubai and showed the world that even a small country such as Switzerland is able to produce incredible artists.”
Some reactions from the audience:
“It was a great pleasure and a storm of emotions to listen to the performance of the Mozart Heroes! Phil and Chris, you brought us such a fantastic gift from Switzerland – your performance was absolutely brilliant and I am looking forward to meeting you again.” – Yasmine of July, Instagram Blogger
“Thank you all for a spectacular show of Mozart Heroes, what a brilliant performance! What a fantastic show,” Anita Sachan, Event organizer, Dubai
“The days in Dubai were incredible, full of emotions, energy and adventure. We have met so many people, and we had lots of fun with you,” Christina Schneider, Nobel Sense
Kurt Blum, general manager of Swiss Art Gate UAE said, “We did it again! This time we presented three entertaining performances from Switzerland. Each group has its own unique characteristics – Charles Nguela with his energetic talent for languages, The Blackouts with their maximum-power visual performance and Mozart Heroes with their varied music styles ranging from atmospheric to rocky, which left no spectator sitting in their seat. I would also like to thank our generous sponsors who made such an event possible. The Swiss Days would not be possible without our partners. We are already looking forward to the next Swiss Days in 2020”.


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