Arab Woman Awards 2016 now open for nominations


The Arab Woman Awards UAE today announced it is now accepting nominations for the 2016 awards which takes place in late November in Dubai.

People can nominate themselves, their friends and family members by completing the form on the Arab Woman Awards website  

The key criteria for all of the awards are that nominees should be female, of Arab descent, have achieved something significant in their particular field over the past 12 months and should be positive role models and then there is a specific criteria per award.

Sue Holt, Founder of the awards said “There are three different ways people can be nominated – these are from our own research, from one of the members of the judging board or they can be nominated via our website by themselves or others.  We introduced this latter method in 2013 and have seen a large number of our ultimate winners come via this route.”

Each nominee is then included in the presentation to the board of judges who are led by HE Ameera bin Karam, Chairperson of Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC).  Using the criteria the judges then make the decision on who the most deserving winners are with them being presented at the prestigious ceremony in November.

“At first women were quite reluctant to put themselves or others forward however in the past two years we’ve seen a steep increase.  Self-nominations now account for around 10% and people nominating others at almost 25%.  Personally I think it is wonderful that we are reaching a stage where, as a woman, it is acceptable to say that you believe you deserve an award for all your hard work.  It also heartens me that family members and friends are being so supportive”.

The full list of categories are below and the closing date for nominations via the website is by Friday 30th September.  

Arab Woman Award UAE 2016 Categories

1. Business 11. New Media
2. Finance 12. Sport
3. Education 13. Humanitarian
4. Artist 14. Legal
5. Entrepreneur 15. Young Talent
6. Literature 16. Energy
7. Fashion Designer 17. Woman in Government
8. Young Designer 18. Inspirational Woman of the Year
9. Medical 19. Lifetime Achievement
10. Media


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