How to Start a Small Business as a Wedding Planner


Make a Portfolio and Samples

Show what you are capable of by building a portfolio. You can do that in the form of a photo album or a website. It is better if you have both. In your company’s portfolio you can add photos of past wedding events you have organized. Those of you who are making their first steps and do not have enough material with which to showcase their work, can have a photoshoot of a mock wedding. In addition, make samples of things like wedding timelines, for instance. Ad-free videos are the best marketing tool in the industry at present.

Establish a Referral Network

The good wedding planner has a huge list of contacts. Building one requires a lot of time, but you can speed things up a bit with some extra work. Go to local bridal shops, vendors, florists, bakeries, caterers and etc. and ask them to work with you. Try to win them on your side by explaining how they can benefit from your partnership (more clients, higher profits, discounts and others). Also, remember that you will need to maintain a good relationship with the other companies and people you work with or else they will not support or recommend you. Working with hotels is also very benefitial.

Marketing and First Clients

Now is time to attract your first customers. Start marketing your firm with fliers, brochures and by creating pages on the social networks. If you are having a trouble getting clients, you can start by organizing a wedding event for a friend, or a friend of a friend.

Burj Al Arab - Al Falak Ballroom - Wedding1

Don’t get discouraged if all that seems hard to you. Do not forget that the wedding planner has the power of making people happy by helping them organize their most important day.


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