How to Start a Small Business as an Event Planner


Find Office Space or Not

Those of you, who prefer to start moderately, may not really need an office space. An event planning business can easily be operated from your home. Needless to say, that will save you a lot. As your company grows and you start to hire employees, you can search for a nice spot for your startup.

Become Official

Time to register your event planning business! For that you will need to check with local authorities. They will inform you on all the necessary documents, licenses and permits you will need. Research information about licensing for professionals and free zones setup options.

Research and Promote

Although the demand for event planners is high, this does not mean that you will be able to quickly find your place on the market. Like all other new companies, you should better study your competition. Once you have gained all the information and knowledge you need, you should begin with the marketing of your new company. Use all the options you have – social networks, stationary, business cards, a website or a blog.

Start Gratis

The best way to introduce yourself to the local customers is by volunteering. In other words, you should offer your services for free in the name of some community or charity event in your area. That will quickly put you on the map and impress your potential clients. Use it as a chance to meet new contacts and attract new customers.


Do your best to cover all of the above-mentioned points. Even though that will not guarantee you a successful event planning startup, it will certainly give you the push you need.


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