UAE Population Nears 10 Million


How Many People Live in United Arab Emirates Right Now?

You might be surprised to find out that the number is very close to 10 million, precisely 9,770,811, according to the 2015 Revision of World Population Prospects which is the twenty-fourth round of official United Nations population estimates.

The UAE population is very diverse – only 13% are UAE nationals with the majority of the population expatriates. The UAE has the highest net migration rate in the world at 21.71, as any expatriate is allowed to apply for UAE citizenship after living in the country for twenty years, assuming they have not been convicted of a crime and speak Arabic. The UAE also has the second highest gender imbalance in the world behind Qatar with a male/female ratio of 2.2, or 2.75 for the 15-65 age group.

The largest group of non-UAE nationals are South Asian (58%), followed by other Asians (17%) and Western expatriates (8.5%). There is an increasing presence of Europeans, particularly in cities like Dubai. Dubai is the largest city with a population of 1.78 million. Interestingly, Dubai is often misperceived as a country or a city-state. Sometimes, all of the UAE is described simply as “Dubai,” which shows just how influential and well-known the city has become.

What is the population of United Arab Emirates (as of September 8, 2015)? 9,770,811
Last UN Estimate (July 1, 2015) 9,577,128
Births Per Day 1,537
Deaths Per Day 152
Net Migrations Per Day 1,422
Net Change Per Day 2,807
Population Change Since January 1st 701,750
  • Net Increase of 1 person every 31 seconds

United Arab Emirates Population Indicators
Indicator Value World Ranking
Median (Average) Age 31.39 years 71st
Crude Birth Rate 11.122 births/thousand 159th
Crude Death Rate 1.103 deaths/thousand 191st
Crude Net Migration Rate 10.288 people/thousand 2nd
Life Expectancy (Both Sexes) 77.61 years 50th
Life Expectancy (Male) 76.91 years 42nd
Life Expectancy (Female) 78.92 years 64th
Total Fertility Rate 1.728 children/woman 148th
Net Reproduction Rate 0.837 surviving daughters/woman 143rd
Sex Ratio At Birth 1.045 males per female 136th
Infant Mortality Rate 4.946 deaths/1,000 live births 150th
Under Five Mortality 5.812 deaths/thousand 152nd
Mean Age at Childbearing 27.026 years 171st


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