Galaxy Tab E – Best in Class Affordable Tablet


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd announced the launch of the Galaxy Tab E, Samsung’s best in class affordable tablet. Geared toward customers seeking top-quality tablet performance and design at a competitive price, the Galaxy Tab E delivers advanced multi-tasking capability with Multi-window and an impressive 5M AF camera, enabling the user to navigate and simultaneously access multiple files, applications, and camera without interruption.

Commenting on the Tab E’s unique offerings, Mr. Hayssam Yassine, Head of IT and Mobile Team stated: “The Galaxy Tab E is a high performing and affordable tablet designed for people who multi-task, move fast and look for the best value. Additionally, users have the opportunity to interact with a variety of content and applications on a beautiful, portable 9.6” display. Our customers in the UAE have now the opportunity to get their hands on the new Galaxy Tab E, a truly adaptable and inexpensive accessory to everyday life”.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E comes with a whopping 128 GB micro SD support, purchased separately, to accommodate a continuous flow of downloaded content. Snapping and scrolling through photos, playing back recorded videos, and adjusting the camera settings has never been easier thanks to One Shot Mode and Continuous Shot. One Shot Mode facilitates a quick switch between camera and recording mode by clicking the shutter icon on the side, while Continuous Shot can be instantly activated to take pictures in a flattering photo shoot-like array.



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