The launch of UAE’s first social platform for creating events



Eventgoer, the first social platform dedicated to discovering, promoting and creating events in the UAE, was launched today. The free interactive portal helps expats and locals across the country explore events happening near them, providing community members with the tools to choose relevant activities from nine different categories including arts, entertainment, sports, family, conferences and exhibitions.

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Created to be an ultimate guide to all events taking place in the country, Eventgoer provides accurate and detailed information about each listed activity, such as the start and end times, exact prices, ticketing options, actual locations via Google Maps and organizers’ contact information. It also incorporates social media tools to keep audiences updated with the latest information and help them make informed decisions about the events they plan to attend.

From concerts featuring international music icons, to world-class exhibitions and conferences all year-round, the UAE is a thriving community for events of all types.  However, not many people are able to find these events easily, and often become aware of them when they are almost over.

On the other hand, Eventgoer offers companies and organizers in the UAE a free and powerful marketing tool by allowing them to create their pages, list all their upcoming events, and interact with their audiences directly, in addition to promoting their activities through various social media networks.

The website was created using the latest trends in programming to give both users and organizers an easy and enjoyable browsing experience. It is also compatible with tablets and mobile devices in accordance with the smart government directives in the UAE, while maintaining the highest levels of security and privacy for its members. The homepage incorporates quick-access filters to select different locations, categories, start dates and prices.

In addition to being an online community for discovering and creating events, Eventgoer is also an interactive social platform that gives people living in the UAE an opportunity to make new friends with other Eventgoer members who share similar interests.

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