Google Unveils Project Fi – Why and How



Surprise, surprise! Google is entering a brand new market and it will compete not against Apple, Microsoft and the likes, but against big carriers. The technology giant introduced a service called “Project Fi.”

What is Project Fi?

Project Fi is a low-priced wireless phone service that will rival some of the major carriers today. It will provide 4G and Wi-Fi connectivity. For that purpose, Google has joined forces with U.S. carriers T-Mobile and Sprint. The service will rely on the cellular towers of these providers, but it will be run entirely by Google.

Who Will be able to Use It?

Project Fi will not be available for everyone. It will roll out only on Nexus 6 devices. However, even if you own this gadget, you will need to request an invite from Google if you want to use its service. Every week, the company will send out a limited number of Project Fi invitations to Nexus 6 owners. Therefore, eventually, it is expected that everyone who has requested an invite will eventually get it.

How Much Will It Cost?

Google has announced that monthly subscription of $20 will offer consumers unlimited calls and text. In addition, they will pay an additional $10 for every GB of data they consume. If users have remaining data from the previous month, it will be transferred to the new month. Compared to prices offered by major carriers, the basic package of Google’s service will be $15 to $20 cheaper.

How Will Google Benefit From Project Fi?

So why would Google even consider entering the wireless mobile market? As a start, by launching Project Fi, the technology giant will enable consumers to use a faster web connectivity. Since Google is behind some of today’s most popular online platforms, like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and the Google search engine, that will also encourage to spend more time online using such services and further increase Google’s ad revenues.

Google’s announcement did not really come out of the blue. A couple of months ago, the company shared its plant to launch a wireless connection service in the near future. Given that the technology giant already has service focused on providing broadband internet and cable television, Project Fi seems as a logical continuation of Google’s internet ambitions.

Currently, Facebook is doing a similar thing through its campaign. The social network already offers free web access to users in some regions in Africa.


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