Expo 2020 Dubai launches new procurement portal


Expo 2020 Dubai has announced the launch of the Expo 2020 eSourcing portal, an online procurement system that will link all Expo related procurement operations and enable rapid deployment of tender opportunities openly and transparently to the global business company. All interested businesses are encouraged to register with the newly open procurement portal at https://esource.expo2020dubai.ae

With the support of strategic sourcing company Tejari, the new portal offers a world class best practice procurement system to vendors interested in participating in the World Expo 2020. eSourcing will provide solid governance practices that promise heightened efficiency, and produce competitive and quality services and products in the delivery of the event. The implementation will enhance Expo 2020 ability to implement critical infrastructure projects more quickly and effectively as well as open the door to local, regional and global SMEs, entrepreneurs and businesses.

Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Department of Civil Aviation, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airlines and Group and Chairman of the Expo 2020 Dubai Higher Committee said, “the vendor management process for a mega event, such Expo, is a complex undertaking. The eSourcing system will ensure a fair, transparent and accessible engagement with our vendor partners. Developing a streamlined eSourcing and tendering system that consolidates all Expo procurement activity, across all Expo buying entities, in a seamless, efficient and user friendly manner is critical to the successful delivery of Expo 2020. The eSourcing portal ensures businesses, of all sizes and capacities, will have equal opportunity to engage and be a part of this historical event.”

Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of Dubai Municipality, member of the Expo 2020 Dubai Higher Committee and Chairman of the Expo 2020 Tender and Procurement Subcommittee, added, “every facet of procurement, tendering and vendor engagement is a priority for Expo 2020. From supplier pre-qualification, evaluation and selection cycles, to embedding reliable structures, cost and performance monitoring, quality assurances, auditing and the elimination of redundancies – a solid and comprehensive sourcing system will assist Expo in achieving operational excellence and stimulate competition.”

The Expo 2020 eSourcing portal enables users to interactively access and review open and awarded tenders. The portal ensures that all tenders and timelines for tenders, issued by Expo 2020, are posted onto a single site. Bidders will be able to view and download bid documents as well as all procurement procedures, changes and instructions. Potential bidders only need to register their business online at https://esource.expo2020dubai.ae

For more information about the Expo 2020 Dubai eSourcing portal contact esource.support@expo2020dubai.ae


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