Education Technology Trends 2015


Education and technology will continue to work together in 2015. Again, the main goal will be to make learning process more fun and easy for both students and educators.


Mobile devices will continue to become more popular in education. The so-called m-learning can offer quick access to learning materials and courses not only in the classroom, but also on the go. And here you can review some very popular and useful short courses. In addition, the more limited capacity of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones force educators to offer content in much more digestible and easy-to-understand form, which is often more visual as well.

Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems (LMS) are here to stay. With the development of cloud technology, LMS are expected to witness impressive growth next year. For example, it is predicted that one of leading cloud LMS will witness a jump of more than 200% in 2015.

Augmented Learning

Augmented technology will make its first steps in education next year. Analysts expect to see coursed developed specifically for virtual headset devices. Of course, such a technology is too expensive to enter the classroom at this moment of time. However, 2015 will mark a new chapter in education technology.

MOOCs Outside the University  

MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses are often applied by some of the world’s top-rated universities. However, in 2015, the corporate world will also develop an interest in this learning practice. As a result, organizations and companies will rely on MOOCs for employee training and knowledge sharing.

Automated Courses

In 2015, automation will make its way to education. Educators will use more and more automation tools. Through them, they will be able to algorithmically generate tests, quizzes, exercises or even entire courses. These tools will also be able to customize the different courses they create in terms of difficulty, for instance.

Some education technology trends from 2014 will continue to apply for 2015. One of them will be personalized learning. That is because it proved quite effective when it comes to meeting the needs of the different students and their environments. Another persisting tendency will be gamifacation, which uses game design techniques to make the learning material more interesting and engaging, and students more motivated. This ed tech strategy will be particularly focused on younger students.


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