The Best and Worst Things to Buy in December



With Black Friday sales already gone, most people have bought by now all their Christmas gifts and holiday decorations. But those who are just starting may be the winners in this game – December is actually a great time to buy all kinds of unexpected things, especially if you browse Amazon. But there are also certain items you should definitely steer clear of this month and in general, never buy in December.

The best things to buy in December

All Thanksgiving decorations, costumes, cookware and even candy are largely discounted right now, as stores are trying to get rid of their stock and display Christmas merchandise. And Thanksgiving food and drink are perfect for Christmas, too! Surprisingly, December is also a great time to buy champagne, although the demand for it is the highest right now. In attempt to attract more customers, as virtually everyone is buying champagne, retailers lower prices.

717jEAWW3dL._SL1500_Kitchen items saw big discounts during Black Friday, but stores know very well that the holidays come with the urge of impulse shopping, especially shopping for cheap cookware and appliances. So, now there are even bigger discounts on even high-quality items. Tool prices also fall, as well as the prices of equipment and outdoor items, as no one is thinking about a barbeque in the yard or a renovation right now.

41nbvdYv5ZLAnother unexpected category is seeing huge discounts in December – toys. Generally, November is considered the toy/electronics month, but there are even greater deals in the two weeks right before Christmas. However, don’t wait until the last minute – stores know late shoppers are also desperate, so they increase prices in the days before Christmas

Electronics (TVs, cameras, computers, smartphones) are also offered at discounts. This year’s products however, are best purchased after February when new releases will start to hit the market. But there are still some Xbox One deals left, including better bundles.

December is also a great time to buy a new home. No one purchases houses during the holidays and no one actually is willing to sell right now and ruin their holidays with real estate agents, contracts, and so on. Agents also want to get rid of properties they’ve been unable to sell for months. So, if you see a seller in December, then he is very motivated. It’s almost the same with cars.

Summer clothes and footwear are discounted, as are wedding dresses and wedding everything for a similar reason – couples don’t marry in cold weather, and even engaged ones stop planning their wedding. As a result, almost everything related to weddings is discounted.

What not to buy in December

The peak of gym memberships and subscriptions is around New Year, so their prices will be more expensive. Other ultra popular things right now such as jewelry, calendars, and winter gear and clothing are pricier than you thought. So yes, this month there are many things that turn out to be great deals. You should just research stores and compare the prices.


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