Christmas Gift Guide 2014: iPhone 6 or Galaxy Note 4



The two most talked-about smartphones of H2 of 2014 are Apple’s iPhone 6 and Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, and both can make a memorable Christmas gift for nearly everyone. Even though, until recently, the iPhone was usually put side-by-side to devices from the Galaxy S series, the different release cycles followed by Apple and Samsung, creates a specification gap between them. Therefore, now, it is more logical to put iPhone 6 head-to-head with Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Both devices were unveiled in September and both are included in the main lineup of products of the two technology brands behind them.

iPhone 6 – Highs

iPhone6_34FL_3-Color-Spaced_Homescreen-PRINTThere are a few things that give iPhone the upper hand in this battle. The first is its design. iPhone 6 is nearly 50 grams lighter than Galaxy Note 4 and it is 1.6 mm slimmer compared to Samsung’s handset. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that the two devices fall into different classes. The new iPhone is a smartphone, whereas Galaxy Note 4 is a phablet with a massive 5.7” screen, which naturally makes it bulkier and heavier. Still, the iPhone 6 would appeal much more to consumers looking for a smaller and more compact handset.
Another strong suit of iPhone 6 is the fact that it is made of anodize aluminium, which makes it more durable. The latest Galaxy Note, on the other hand, again sticks to plastic for the most part. Although Samsung added a metal frame to the device’s design, it remains predominantly plastic, which reduced the feeling for a premium gadget.

iPhone 6 – Lows

The iPhone 6 also has some weaknesses that can push consumers away. For instance, it comes with just 1GB of RAM. A number of more affordable smartphone devices already rock a bigger RAM compared to the new-generation iPhone. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is among them. It packs the impressive 3GB of RAM. Another disadvantage of iPhone 6 is its lack of memory card slot. Even though Apple offers a 128GB edition of the smartphone, a card slot is always a plus.

Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Highs

For users, who prefer large-screen devices, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is certainly a better option. It has a large 5.7” display, which is 1” more, compared to iPhone 6. As a result, it supports a higher resolution of 1440×2560, as opposed to iPhone’s 750×1334. In addition, Note 4 comes with a more impressive pixel density of 515 p., while the latest iPhone has just 326 p.

The phablet identity of the newest Galaxy Note gives it yet another vantage point. The device is sold with an S pen stylus. As a result, it the gadget supports a number of note-taking and stylus-centered functions and capabilities. For example, as soon as users pull out the S-pen, Galaxy Note 4 automatically offers a quick access to S pen apps like Smart Select, Action Memo, Image Clip and Screen Write.

Also, although Note 4 relies on a robust processor. Even though Apple proudly announced that its iPhone 6 comes with a 1.4Ghz A8 CPU, Samsung’s device is equipped with a 2.7GHz processor. In addition to that, the camera of the new-generation Galaxy Note supports two time MPs compared to that of iPhone 6. Similar is the case with the two devices’ secondary cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Lows

Samsung latest Galaxy Note has an excellent performance across nearly all areas. However, for some consumers its pros may actually be seen as cons. The large size may not appeal to all users. The device’s bulky dimensions make it harder to use and to hold.

iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Consumers who are not interested in owning a phablet should definitely invest in iPhone 6. Compared to previous generation iPhones, it has a bigger and better screen. Apple fans who want an even larger display can always get the 5.5” iPhone 6 Plus. Nevertheless, it does not come with a stylus pen and capabilities like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. Therefore, the latest Galaxy Note is much more suitable for business professionals, IT specialists, university students or heavy media users.

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