Top Searches in 2014 – Hollywood Stars and Pandemic Scare



The most popular search engines traditionally release a list of the most searched terms for the year. While Google is yet to announce its annual online statistics, Yahoo and Bing already announced what web users were more interested in 2014. Unlike previous year, Yahoo’s Top Searches in 2014 list does not contain the names of deceased actors. However, Apple’s iPhone is still a hot topic. In addition, this year, web surfers showed a huge interest in some of Hollywood’s most famous ladies. Also, people were worried of the possibility of new global pandemic.


In 2014 alone, this deadly disease took the lives of thousands of people in Western Africa. In November, the World Health Organization announced the number of suspected Ebola cases has surpassed 17,000, while deaths amounted to more than 7,400. There were Ebola scares across various regions including North America and Europe. We have it all covered here.


Last year, Minecraft ranked 4th on Yahoo’s top searches list. That is due to the fact that this is one of the most popular games and fans are constantly browsing the web for new pack, modes, skins and etc. In 2014, the buzz around Minecraft reached new levels after it was announced that Microsoft has acquired the hit franchise.

Ariana Grande

Grande’s career went beyond kids’ TV shows and the young star took over music charts with her second album. This year, the singer collaborated with names like Jessie J, The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea and Zedd.

Jennifer Lawrence

Even though Jennifer Lawrence is only 24 years old, she already has one Academy Award, one BAFTA, two Golden Globe awards, four Critic’s Choice awards and two Screen Actors Guild awards. In August, she became the second highest paid actress, surpassed only by Sandra Bullock. No wonder her name is in the top five top searches in 2014.

Kaley Cuoco

With the rising popularity of TV show “Big Bang Theory,” more and more people are interesting to find out more about the leading actress in it – Kaley Cuoco. This year, her salary was raised to $1 million per episode. Also, she won a People’s Choice Award for Favourite TV Comedy Actress and was even awarded with her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

kimk-dropdeaddivaKim Kardashian

Mrs. Kanye West was the second most searched personality on the web in 2013, but this year she has dropped to sixth position. Still, 2014 was not a bad year for Kim. The reality TV star increased her net worth to $50 million and she married rapper Kanye West. More recently she fired up the web with a scandalous photoshoot for a popular magazine.


Disney’s Frozen movie was released last year. However, it saw its peak in 2014. The film became of the biggest selling video titles of the year and one of Disney’s most successful productions ever. Also, Frozen-themed toys and children’s clothing now dominate the holiday shopping season.

Miley Cyrus
Miley was first on Yahoo’s 2013 list, which means that she has lost a few spots in the last twelve months. Despite that, the singer found a place among Forbes’ 20 most powerful celebrities.

iPhone6-34R-SpGry_iPhone6Plus-34L-SpGry-flwriPhone 6

Like in 2013, Apple’s iPhone occupies the 9th place. However, this time around it is the new iPhone 6 and not iPhone 5. The latest Apple smartphone broke a number of records by hitting 4 million pre-orders in just 24 hours and 10 million sold units in three months.

Jennifer Aniston

Three movies starring Jennifer Aniston were released this year. Still, people were more interested in the rumours surrounding the actress’ personal life that covered everything from pregnancy, engagement to separation and Brad Pitt.

Bing released a number of lists of top searches covering different categories. According to it, Kim Kardashian is the most searched celebrity, while Beyonce was the most popular musician. Actor Robin Williams topped the tragic ranking called “People We Lost.” Bing shares that the news that had the greatest impact on users focused on sports events like the World Cup, the Winter Olympics and the Super Bowl, as well as on the Ebola outbreak.


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