New Digital Camera Releases for Trend-Setters


Everyone seems to be focusing on the iPhone 6 or the next big wearable device this holiday season. As a result, many consumers overlook the qualities and advantages of this year’s hottest digital camera releases. That is greatly due to the fact that most smartphones already pack a good amount of megapixels and photo filters. However, some of the new camera products are pretty impressive and can easily convince you that digital cameras are still worth the dollar. In addition, you do not even need to spend a fortune on them if you shop during Cyber Monday sale or other seasonal sale.

Extreme Users

If you tend to drop, scratch and generally abuse your personal camera, you should give it a break by replacing it with Olympus TG-3 Waterproof. However, do not be fooled by this item’s name. It is not only waterproof. This camera is also shockproof and even freeze proof. That is probably why it is also referred to as Olympus Tough.

Sporty Photographers

If you are a sports enthusiast, having a durable and resistant camera will not be enough. You will also need a product that will be extremely light, compact and… wearable. GoPro HERO3+: Black Edition is all these things combined! Thanks to it, you will be able to capture you point of view even if you are surfing, running or climbing and to relive it over and over again.


Social Media Addict

If you want your photos to get more likes and retweets, do not change the pose, change the camera. Samsung WB350F Smart Camera will not only enable you to make snaps with great quality, but it will also allow you to instantly share them on your social media accounts. In addition, it comes in five different colour options to fit your every mood.

Underwater Selfies

SVP Aqua Dual Screen Waterproof is one of the most affordable products for underwater photography that were released this year. Also, it offers a decent lineup of features and specifications. Among them are, for example, 18MP, 4x digital zoom, 8.5mm lens and… two screens. Apart from the rear-end display, it also has one on the front, which seems to be created for underwater selfies.

The best thing about these camera is that they can all be purchased for less than $400 from, which is a true bargain give the functions they pack.


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