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The practical side of wearable devices goes beyond checking notifications and measuring you pulse. These gadgets have now entered a brand new market. A newly-rising trend among parents is using wearables for kids to monitor minors’ activities. These new and kids friendly devices are so useful that they are on their way to become parents’ must-haves. Interested? Here are the most-talked about wearables for kids and babies.

Levana Oma+ Clip-On Portable Baby Monitor

Attach this device to your kid’s nappy and it will sound the alarm after 20 seconds of no abnormal movement. There are no wires and no cords, making it a really portable baby monitor.

Levana Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor

Similar to Levana Oma+, this wearable gadget will track the movement of your baby. In addition, however, it will also enable moms and dad listed and watch their baby on a special screen. The best feature of this wearable is that it supports night vision. That will allow parents to keep an eye on their child even during the night.

Mimo Smart Baby Monitor

An interesting fact about this wearable baby monitor is that it was developed by MIT scientists. It is truly multifunctional and it can do anything from tracking the baby’s sleep activity, skin temperature to its breathing and body position. Mimo comes in the form of a washable cotton onesie with attached sensors. This smart baby onesie comes in a number of sized and it is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

iSwimband Personal Drowning Detection System

This gadget is particularly suitable for family vacations and for households that have a swimming pool. Keeping an eye on kids when they are near a pool is almost impossible, since they are always so energetic and enthusiastic. iSwimband, however, can prevent any potential drowning emergencies. It will notify parents if their child has been submerged for a dangerously long time. Also, it is comfortable to wear, which means that kids will love it too.

LeapFrog LeapBand

One of the best-selling devices in this product category is LeapFrog’s LeapBand, created for kids aged between 4 and 7 and it offers a brand new way to motive physical activity. This wearable is promoted as the first activity tracker for children. It purpose is to get kids moving through different interactive games and challenges. Parents are able to control the selection of challenges and can limit the time kids spend playing with the device.

Wearable monitors for kids will give parents a greater sense of relaxation and relief. But keep in mind that this such gadgets must not be used as a substitute for direct supervision.

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