Best Expat Destinations in 2014



Ecuador is the top country for expats this year, according to the Expat Insider 2014 index. The ranking is based on different factors like life satisfaction in each of the countries, quality of life, family life personal finance, work, as well as ease of settling in. The United Arab Emirates managed to find a place on the list, but it is not among the leaders, which is not surprising as the cost of living is at all time high and to set up a home is becoming more difficult and expensive by the day.

Expatriates who are living in the top destination, Ecuador, are particularly happy with their financial situation. In addition, locals are said to be friendly and welcoming, which makes an expat’s transition to Ecuador easy.

Luxembourg, the second country on the list, is a top choice when it comes to working abroad. The majority of people who have moved to Luxembourg cite career opportunities as the reason for that. Mexico comes third on the ranking. It tops the Ease of Settling In index. Nearly half of the expats who live there share that they would like to stay in the country forever.

Further down the list, on the fourth position is Switzerland, which is first in terms of quality of life this year. Also in the top 5 is the U.S. which is described as a fun and convenient choice for expatriates.

Expats in Singapore (6) are not happy with their high living expenses, but they appreciate the safety, work opportunities and healthcare offered by the Asian country. Spain (7) also has its highs and lows. Expatriates find locals very friendly and enjoy the leisure choices they have there, but share that job prospects and the state of the economy are not promising.

So where does the United Arab Emirates stand? Expats have ranked it 33rd on the 2014 Expat Insider index. Although the country has found a place in the top 20 in categories like quality of life and family life, it did not score so well in expat personal finance. In addition, even though it is the 21st easiest to settle in country, nearly 70% of the expatriates who live in the UAE share that they have mostly expat friends. According to the survey, expatriates in the United Arab Emirates describe it as a “neither bad not a great country to relocate to.”

Top expat destinations in 2014:

  • Ecuador
  • Luxembourg
  • Mexico
  • Switzerland
  • USA
  • Singapore
  • Spain
  • Philippines
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong
  • 33. UAE

The worst countries for expatriates, according to the Expat Insider 2014 list, are Greece, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Expats no longer see Greece as an attractive working destination. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, offers expatriates a limited choice of leisure activities, whereas expats in Kuwait find it hard to settle in.

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