Dubai Design District to Unveil New Masterplan at Cityscape Global 2014


Dubai Design District (d3) is set to unveil its master plan on the opening day of Cityscape Global 2014, Sunday 21st September. Spanning a total area of 21 million square feet, the official master plan offers a preview of what Dubai’s new cornerstone of creativity will look like once complete, and insight into what d3 will deliver to the region’s growing design, fashion, art and luxury sectors over the next decade.

As an ecosystem for global design and creative minds, d3 will bring local talent and international luxury brands together in an inspiring, intelligently-curated space located in the centre of Dubai. The District also promises to deliver a unique cutting-edge lifestyle experience for businesses, the workforce, residents and visitors. Key elements include:

  • A 1.8km Waterfront destination featuring design-led hotels, boutique retail outlets and stylish dining and entertainment venues
    A vibrant business zone featuring office space for the design, fashion and luxury sectors with capacity for over 10,000 workers
    A dedicated creative community to house 4,000 designers, craftspeople and creative innovators
    A range of luxury, 4-star and boutique hotels, and furnished apartments, offering over 4000 rooms
    Over 2.5 million square feet of retail space spread across the community, in line with the ethos of d3’s vision
    A new home for Dubai’s art scene woven throughout the district; an exciting fusion of high-end galleries, pop-up showcase and open-air installation spaces, workshops and studios
    Contemporary low-rise apartments offering easy access to the heart of the District and its numerous attractions
    A full calendar of around-the-clock activities; a variety of organised and impromptu events from large-scale art and design festivals to street theatre and creative showcases
    Developed in full collaboration with Dubai’s creative communities, d3 will offer a multi-layered experience where the traditional boundaries of work and play are blurred, and a physical environment that demonstrates a dedication to pioneering design principles with innovation evident on every corner. The evolution of d3 will be driven by the community who will live, work and play here, resulting in a vibrant hub characterised by a population for whom the pursuit of creativity is a passion and their environment is yet another canvas upon which to make their mark.
  • d3 aims to harness the elements that distinguish the established creative hubs that have grown organically in the world’s leading cities, with the state-of-the-art infrastructure and contemporary facilities that are possible in a purpose-built development. This combination will result in a compelling mix of innovation and energising atmosphere set in a safe, clean and aesthetically-pleasing environment with modern facilities tailor-made for the resident community. Adhering to the principle that ‘smart design’ lies at the heart of a Smart City, and as a greenfield pilot development for the Emirate’s Smart City initiative the District will combine intelligent design and operational initiatives alongside advanced technological solutions to improve the all aspects of the community experience.

Commenting on the d3 master plan, Dr Amina Al Rustamani, Group CEO of TECOM Investments, said:

“d3 has been designed as a unique concept. From the very start we have worked with leading global figures as well as local talent from across the spectrum of the creative industries to ensure we can provide the right facilities and infrastructure suitable for both international brands and emerging regional designers. d3 is a purpose-built neighbourhood built for the creative community, developed in full collaboration with this community to offer a unique experience to designers, tourists and the public, tallying with what Dubai thrives to be as cultural and innovative centre.

“As a result, d3 has evolved to be so much more than just a business district; the majority of those who will be based in d3 are driven by the desire to create, it is a vocation; d3 will enable creativity through providing a nurturing and inspiring environment where innovation across all the creative fields can thrive. Our creative communities also told us that they wanted d3 to be a full lifestyle experience, so d3 will be alive both day and night, offering a vibrant atmosphere with edgy boutiques, entertainment and retail concepts, and the kind of credible, cutting-edge creative events more often found in London, New York, Paris and Milan.

“We have experienced an overwhelming response from the market since d3’s launch was announced last year. d3’s first phase of innovative office and retail space is set to be released in the first quarter of 2015, at which point land plots will also become available. We welcome the opportunity to work with global and regional developers to build the future for Dubai’s design, fashion, art and luxury industries.”


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